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Dimitri Lascaris exposes myths perpetrated by US, Canada, EU to support Venezuelan coup attempt

VIDEO: Lascaris’ slams PM Trudeau, Foreign Minister Freeland, and CBC’s Adrienne Arsenault for Manufacturing Consent.

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“The primary basis of his [Guaidó’s] presidency is a certain article of the Venezuelan constitution … that Guaidó and his Western supporters have relied upon, and Justin Trudeau, who, as far as I know, is not a lawyer and certainly not a Venezuelan lawyer, took it upon himself at a Town Hall in February to explain the Venezuelan Constitution to Canadians. And in that Town Hall he says: ‘The international Community recognized that there were not free and fair elections’ – That is flatly false. … That’s just a flat out misrepresentation and Mr. Trudeau should know that’s not true. And therefore ‘Maduro, he said, ‘is not the president of Venezuela in the eyes of the world.’ Again that is false.”Dimitri Lascaris

The above passage is just one of numerous informed revelations that lawyer and investigative journalist, Dimitri Lascaris, shares in his talk about the Venezuelan crisis at an April 24, 2019 Town Hall forum in Winnipeg entitled, “The West’s War on Venezuela.” Western governments, claims Lascaris, perpetuate “myths” to aid and abet the US-led coup against Venezuela’s democratically elected Maduro government.

Below is an embedded 32-minute video of Lascaris’ talk. Under the video is the start of my chronological topical index to the video to facilitate the search for specific points in his address. The index includes screen captures of Dimitri’s text. (Note: I will continue work on this index as time allows. But the index is not needed to watch and learn from Dimitri’s dynamite presentation).

To watch the video on Lascaris’ website, click on the following linked title.


Manufacturing Consent to a Venezuela Coup – Canadian Style by Dimitri Lascaris,, May 4, 2019


0:17 — Dimitri Lascaris (DL) begins by mentioning this is the fifth time he has spoken about Venezuela in five different cities. On two prior occasions, Venezuelan ex-pats disrupted speech. He then goes on to provide a sample of the kinds of criticisms he is subjected to, beginning with: “What a disgusting animal you are. I’ll see you in Caracas if you dare.”

2:08 – DL displays this slide of other personal attacks –

DL’s response to the attacks –

  • He doesn’t speak Spanish but hired, at his own expense, a Venezuelan woman to be a translator during his visit to Caracas
  • He is definitely left leaning, but not member of Communist party. He asks to be judged on the merits of his positions and commentary
  • He is not a paid agent of Maduro government, and went to Venezuela at own expense
  • He stayed in nice hotel in Caracas, which was jam-packed with other journalists, including CBC’s Adrienne Arsenault
    • 3:40 — He had this to say about AA “She has uncritically regurgitated the positions of the Canadian government and the US government in her reporting.” And frankly, “Nobody seems to be criticizing the presence of other journalists because those journalists agree with their anti-Maduro narrative. I get nailed because I don’t agree with their narrative.
  • No, I have never lived in Venezuela. “But if that were a pre-condition to reporting then probably 90% of reporting on foreign affairs in Canada would be delegitimized. How many Canadian reporters who comment on Russia have lived in Russia. If you’re diligent you can give a good sense of what’s happening without having lived there. Do your homework and consult with people who are living in Venezuela.”

5:04 – Provides slides with some basic Venezuelan demographics, including –

Population and Support for Maduro from Chavismo

6:05Chavez Legacy

7:21 – Chavez blessed with high oil prices

7:38 — Oil price graph //  8:02 — Price collapsed for Maduro

8:30 — US sanctions against Venezuela “designed to make the economy scream”. Refers to reports in mainstream corporate press like Bloomberg; crippling impact on oil industry; intention of US government and allies [like Canada] is to cause discontent among segments of Venezuelan population that have supported Chavismo that led them to turn against Maduro government.

The Effect of US Sanctions on Venezuela’s Oil Exports

9:14 – DL notes CBC report that sanctions have potentially positive effect on Canadian petroleum sector, and that this sector has influence on government policy towards Venezuela.

How Do Sanctions on Venezuela Affect Canada?

“What Venezuelan turmoil could mean for Canada’s oilpatch”, CBC, Jan, 24. 2019:

“Analysts say sanctions, or a further drop in Venezuelan oil output, could leave American refiners on the hunt for heavy crude from elsewhere, providing a potential price lift fro Canadian producers.”

9:53 – Re legitimacy of Maduro’s presidency. Dominant narrative is he was not democratically elected. Facts disprove this claim.

10:56 – Cites Falcon’s informed viewpoint (below) that is dominant sentiment of many in Venezuela. Most want peaceful solution determined by Venezuelans

11:38 – Venezuela’s opposition did not ask UN to send observers for 2018 election. In contrast Maduro asked UN to send observers. Observers were present.

12:10 — EU alleges election was fraudulent – Strong response from critics of EU allegation, but this is not something you will hear much about in the Western media.

13:00 — Who is Juan Guaidó?



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