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My letter to Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Freeland on her perversion of the truth about Venezuela

“You have revealed your utter contempt for the intelligence of responsibly informed Canadians – and there are thousands of us.”

No 2427 Posted by fw, February 6, 2019

My recent re-posting of a thought-provoking talk by Scottish writer and commentator AL Kennedy inspired me to compose the following letter to Minister Chrystia Freeland.

But first, here is an excerpt from Kennedy’s talk, commenting on the behaviour of UK’s politicians:

“… stressed by intense competition and workloads in an environment that makes Gormenghast [castle in 1946 Gothic novel] look like Butlins [UK holiday camps], led to believe they’re a class apart, working in a gilded palace where they operate, in some senses, literally above the law.”

There’s a recipe for harmful behaviour, says Kennedy, which includes a strict hierarchy with dissociation from others and from the consequences of our actions, established group culture and lack of oversight.”

Is Minister Freeland not equally susceptible to behaving badly? Does she not operate in a strict hierarchy? Is she not dissociated from Venezuelan Campesinos who will undoubtedly suffer the horrible consequences of her actions? Is she not a member of an established group culture? And is there not an absence of timely citizen oversight on her authoritarian actions? – or, in Kennedy’s words, someone to watch over her, to forestall her from doing what we all do when we think nobody is paying close attention – behave badly.

Kennedy ends her talk on a cautionary note, and with a promise:

“Are we likely to actually learn from what we know about ourselves, the scared, over-dressed monkeys we can be? Probably not. But if you have a go at it, I promise I’ll try, too.”

So, Minister Freeland, I, and thousands of other responsibly informed Canadians, will be watching over you.

Turning to my letter to Minister Freeland –


The Honourable Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Foreign Affairs <>


Helene Laverdiere, <>

Brian Masse, <>

Date: Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Dear Member of Parliament, Minister Chrystia Freeland,

Congratulations Minister Freeland. Your words and deeds on the Venezuelan file have managed to make me profoundly ashamed of my Canadian heritage. Moreover, you have revealed your utter contempt for the intelligence of responsibly informed Canadians – and there are thousands of us.

Your perversion of the truth and your real or willful ignorance of the inconvenient facts about the Venezuelan destabilization plan orchestrated by Washington, and abetted by Ottawa, may play well with the ruling class and a servile CBC, but vigilant truth-seeking Canadians are busy documenting and reporting on inaccuracies and huge gaps in your manufactured account.

Consider, for example, just two of dozens of recent examples of fact-checking that have exposed errors of commission and omission.

First, in a report yesterday by The Real News, Canadian lawyer Dimitri Lascaris, fact-checking Justin Trudeau’s mis-characterization of the Venezuelan constitution, said this:

“Today there was an article in the CBC, our national broadcaster, which talked about these most recent developments, quoted Justin Trudeau invoking Article 233, of which he apparently knows absolutely nothing. And the way it was characterized, this Article … as being applicable in six situations where there is “a vacancy in the presidency.” That is, in fact, not what it says. It has six specific circumstances in which a president, a new president, an interim president, can be appointed, and none of them apply here. So the media in the West, whether wittingly or unwittingly, are mis-characterizing what Article 233 says.” 

Second, in following up on a report that you had phoned Juan Guaidó to congratulate him on “uniting the opposition,” I came across a recent article by investigative reporter Max Blumenthal who portrayed Guaidó as a US-groomed street thug.

Guaidó is the product of a decade-long project overseen by Washington’s elite regime change trainers. While posing as a champion of democracy, he has spent years at the forefront of a violent campaign of destabilization. … But after a single phone call from US Vice President Mike Pence, Guaidó proclaimed himself president of Venezuela. Anointed as the leader of his country by Washington, a previously unknown political bottom-dweller was vaulted onto the international stage as the US-selected leader of the nation with the world’s largest oil reserves.

Minister, in this age of immediate, global, digital communication, social media networks, citizen activist organizations like Lead Now, legions of investigative journalists, and superb online, alternative news and information outlets — inevitably, politicians will be confronted by facts from many authoritative sources, and they will have to answer – at the polls, perhaps? — for their egregious misrepresentation of the truth.

If you care to respond to my letter, I would be pleased to share your thoughts with my readership.

Yours truly,

Frank White, etc.

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