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Human civilization has neglected our fellow animals of Earth’s wildlife community – Nate Hagens (20)

We simply don’t see the impact on them of the rapid, explosive expansion of human civilization.

No 2303 Posted by fw, June 16, 2018

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In today’s post, Pt 20, continuum 19, Dr Hagens adds a third, and penultimate brief piece on The Environment. My title and subtitle capture the essence of his third, incisive piece in this category, so no opening excerpted passage is required.

The three posts, including today’s, simply and summarily put humanity on notice: 1) we’re not putting a price on “the bad things” we do to the environment; 2) in our insatiable quest for ‘treasure’, we are plundering Earth’s riches; and 3) we are wilfully ignorant of the impact that a rapidly expanding human civilization is having on Earth’s wildlife community.

Below is the embedded video of Hagens’ 60-minute address, followed by an 18-minute Q&A session. My transcript of Pt. 20, continuum 19, runs from 30:27 to 31:09

Alternatively, a video of Hagens’ talk, along with a “loosely related” essay on the talk, are available by clicking on the following linked title. This version, published by, also includes excellent readers’ comments, including responses by Hagens.


Where are we going? by Nate Hagens,, May 8, 2018

TRANSCRIPT (from 30:27 to 31:09)


30:27[Continuum 19: Civilization vs Community] – Civilization vs Community. Humans and our livestock – our dogs, pigs, goats, cows, etc. – right now, if you weighed them all, humans and our livestock, we outweigh all the wild animals on earth by 50:1. In the building of this civilization, we have neglected our cousins in nature partially because we don’t see the impact [we have on them]. The impact is outside of our realm.


[ Supplement] Civilization vs Community – Humans now appropriate between 30-40% of the annual productivity from sunlight interacting with soil/land on our planet. Additionally, we (and our cows, pigs, goats, dogs, sheep, etc.) outweigh the sum total of all other terrestrial vertebrates by a ratio of over 50:1.  The continuum between human civilization and Earth community – at least so far – has been solely headed in one direction.


Dr. Nate Hagens

About Dr. Nathan John Hagens – Hagens, 51, worked on Wall Street at Lehman Brothers and Salomon Brothers for 10 years before closing his own hedge fund in 2003 to develop a systems synthesis approach to the human predicament. At present, Dr. Hagens is a professor at the University of Minnesota where he teaches a systems synthesis Honors seminar called Reality 101, A Survey of Human Predicament. The readings and lectures cover literature in systems ecology, energy and natural resources, thermodynamics, history, anthropology, human behavior, neuroscience, environmental science, sociology, economics, globalization/trade, and finance/debt with an overarching goal to give students a general understanding of how our human ecosystem functions as a whole.

Visit Nate Hagens’ personal website at The Monkey Trap.

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