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The promise of a governance for prosperity in a much-to-be-desired progressive State

“The progressive State is the basis for a renewed vision of governance, the foundation for a lasting prosperity.”

No 2146 Posted by fw, January 17, 2018

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In this, Section 8, the short, final section of Chapter 10, ecological economist Tim Jackson waxes eloquent about the promise of a governance for prosperity in a much-to-be-desired progressive State.

Tim Jackson is a British ecological economist and professor of sustainable development at the University of Surrey.


Governance for prosperity, a synopsis, from Chapter 10, “The Progressive State” of Tim Jackson’s book, Prosperity without Growth, Routledge, 2nd edition, 2016-17

Tim Jackson

“[The] conflicted state is, in large part, a casualty of the growth dilemma. And in rescuing the economy from that dilemma, government stands a chance, at least, of rescuing itself.”

Jackson’s Chapter 10 has unveiled an ambitious role for the “progressive State.” He acclaims its defining attributes in these words: “attentive both to changing social conditions and to the underlying needs of its citizens; collaborates actively in the design of the good life; is inclusive and considerate; invests vigorously in the common good; is entrepreneurial and innovative.

In essence, “The progressive State is dynamic, progressive and charismatic.”

For a progressive state to exist at all, much less thrive, it must escape the iron cage of relentless consumer-driven economic growth. Once unburdened, citizens will reap the benefits of a new prosperity, a prosperity without growth:

  • “A more equal society will lower the importance of status goods;
  • A less consumption-driven economy will reduce our impact on the planet;
  • Enhanced investment in public goods will provide lasting returns to the common good; and
  • A less materialistic society will improve collective wellbeing.”

“In short,” concludes Jackson, “the progressive State is not just the instrumental means for ensuring social and economic stability in a low-growth environment. It is the basis for a renewed vision of governance. It is the foundation for a lasting prosperity.”

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