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Premier Wynne and other anti-BDSers cleverly lampooned to music of West Side Story with updated lyrics

Find out why Ontario’s premier is called “Bulldozer Wynnie”.

No 1836 Posted by fw, December 1, 2016

If you liked the song “Gee, Officer Krupke” from West Side Story, you are going to love this version.

Posted below is an embedded 6:48-minute video, Bulldozer, with my added transcript.


Bulldozer from Albino, Squirrel Channel, [2016]


Sept 24 California becomes 13th state to outlaw BDS

In 1957, four queer Jewish artists created West Side Story

Three were lefties who fought the [Joe McCarthy] blacklist – Stephen Sondheim, Leonard Bernstein, Arthur Laurents

The other one named names – Jerome Robbins — after the House Un-American Activities Committee threatened to out him as gay

Together the four created West Side Story, a classic fable of two nations at war:

The LISTS (who support blacklist and silence) Robbins and Bibi

vs. The LISPS (who support boycotts and debate…and free speech — Sondheim, Bernstein, Laurents)

In 2016, the LISPS were gaining ground, with boycott victories around the globe.

The LISTS fought back, pushing anti-BDS laws…

In New York, Governor Cuomo banned state funding to BDS supporters…


Dear Bibi-loving censors

You’re clearly on a roll

You love to ban and silence

(and oust and stalk and troll)

You thrive on double standards

You Orwellize free speech

Suppress dissent – what a prayer to preach!

Gee, Bulldozer Cuomo, your blacklist is gross

Your McCarthy moves

Are going to stink up the house

You’re such a Goliath, commending the yard

Who knew you’d play the victim card!

In 2013, the Student Centre at Toronto’s York U hangs a show of 35 student paintings

This one shows an Israeli bulldozer plowing down an olive tree…

And a Palestinian hunk holding some rocks.

CBC Headline, January 27, 2016 – “Pro-Palestinian mural causes deep divisions at York University”

Toronto Sun Headline – “York University accused of allowing anti-Semitism to spread.”

They demand that York remove this ‘anti-semitic mural’

York refuses, rightly saying “We don’t censor.”

In protest, Wiesenthal Board Member Paul Bronfman yanks his gift of equipment grants: $12,500 worth of in-kind gripstands. (Followed by headlines about the withdrawal of support, including one by the National Post quoting Bronfman – ‘It’s just pure hate’)

He gets lots of press. Which seems to be his real agenda.

Weirdly, the Wiesenthal Centre homepage features world famous boycott champions like Gandhi and King yet works fulltime to outlaw the BDS movement.


Wiesenthal Centre Censors

You tried to ban this dweeb

He wants to stop a dozer

That’s plowing down a tree

He can’t afford a slingshot

But he’s got arms to throw

Leaping Lizards! Michelangelo!

Bulldozer Bronfman, you’re hooked on the hype

This sort of grandstanding

Is such cynical tripe

You slaughter dissension

And so does Lantos

Free speech is Trumped by Thanatos!

Recent LISP Victories: Ahava, Veolia, Sodastream, G4S and Orange have pulled out of illegal Israeli settlements.

Canada’s Green Party and 100+ Students Unions (including York) have endorsed BDS

Catherine Hall, Roger Waters, Stephen Hawking and hundreds of others have refuse Israeli gigs, protesting the occupation.

That’s why the LISTS are running scared…and trying to outlaw the LISPS

…because boycott is working, in synch with other boycott campaigns…

OSCARS Boycott

Stevie Wonder boycotts Florida following Zimmerman verdict

Bruce Springsteen joins boycott of North Carolina over transgender law

Alice Walker wants Alicia Keys to boycott “Apartheid” Israel

When LISPS voluntarily withdraw their work in protest, they start conversations and promote debate



Will boycotts the Oscars

And Stevie does Florida

And Bruce ‘cotts Carolina

And Alice, Tel Aviva

They join a great tradition

Of artists who boycott

Winning victories! Tactically it’s hot!

Video clip of Hillary Clinton: “We have to be united in fighting back against BDS. Many of its proponents have demonized Israeli scientists [NOT TRUE] and intellectuals [NOT TRUE]. Even students [NOT TRUE]

And what’s her Orwellian ‘solution’?

Criminalize BDS.

And she claims SHE’S a champ of free speech?

Clinton: “Don’t let anyone silence you, bully you, or try to shut down debate. Especially in places of learning, like colleges and universities.” [Standing applause]


Bulldozer Clinton, you’re way out of line

You can’t censor art

Just cause you hate Palestine

Your McCarthy tactics are so much hot air

We snap against your new red scare!

In 2016, the anti-boycott United Jewish Appeal boycotted a talk by Tony Kushner…

…because this queer lefty Jewish writer is on the board of the pro-boycott Jewish Voice for Peace (even though Kushner is personally anti-boycott).

It was like a scene from a new Kushner play.


Gee, Bulldozer UJA, you’re silencing Jews

You can’t declare a veto on dissenting left views

Despite your best efforts, there’s more and more LISPS

Please stop your traffic in black LISTS

In 2016, Ontario LISTS tried to pass an antic-BDS law…

Video clip of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne: “I’m a strong, strong supporter of Israel…I said that BDS is not the position of the…it’s not my position, nor is it the position of our government…

…but was roundly defeated because it outlawed free speech.

Premier Wynne has promised to re-introduce new anti-BDS legislation this fall, in the support of the censorious LISTS…


The trouble is they censor

The trouble is they ban

The trouble is they silence

The trouble is they damn

They vilify and libel

They occupy and slang

Wynnie, we’ve got censors up the yang!

Bulldozer Wynnie

Were properly pissed

We want a fair debate

And not some Fifties blacklist

Bulldozer Wynnie

What are we to teach?

Gee, Bulldozer Wynnie

Free Speech!

Oh yeah – guess who’s writing the remake of West Side Story?

Tony Kushner.


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