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Trudeau’s folly — PM buys into Obama-led NATO escalation with Russia, calculated to create new markets for US arms dealers

Obama-Trudeau pact may not be on a par with Bush-Blair’s 2003 Iraq WMD lies, nevertheless, it is based on lies on both sides.

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“When nations violate international rules and norms — such as Russia’s aggression against Ukraine — the United States and Canada stand united, along with our allies, in defense of our collective security. (Applause.) Doing so requires a range of tools, like economic sanctions, but it also requires that we keep our forces ready for 21st century missions, and invest in new capabilities. As your ally and as your friend, let me say that we’ll be more secure when every NATO member, including Canada, contributes its full share to our common security. (Applause.) Because the Canadian armed forces are really good — (applause) — and if I can borrow a phrase, the world needs more Canada. NATO needs more Canada. (Applause.) We need you. We need you.” Barack Obama, speech to Canada’s Parliament, June 29, 2016

The sheer hypocrisy of Obama’s opening sentence in the above passage is breathtaking. That it drew applause from parliamentarians and 200 attending members of our ruling class is telling. (For more on Obama’s speech to Parliament, see Obama’s “NATO needs more Canada” plays to our vanity, risks military escalation with Russia posted on July 3, 2016).

Leave it to the inimitable Chris Hedges to give lie to Obama’s false narrative of Russian aggression against Ukraine: “the United States and Canada standing united, along with our allies, in defense of our collective security.” Good grief! Such rhetorical BS. It fits right in with The Empire’s profit-driven policy of endless war.

During a Real News interview about the origins of Saudi Wahhabism as a tool of U.S. foreign policy, Hedges shifts gears to briefly explain the real reason for expansion of NATO – corporate profits.

Below is a repost of Hedges’ short digression to the subject of NATO, excerpted from the transcript of the Real News’ Wahhabism interview with Hedges. Alternatively, you can watch the 15-minute interview and access the full transcript by clicking on the following linked title.


Chris Hedges: Saudi Wahhabism a Tool of U.S. Foreign Policy  by The Real News Network, July 5, 2016

NATO excerpt

PAUL JAY — And I guess part of it is, I mean, not part of it, the underlying principle is simply, since the second world war, the principle that there should never be another superpower. There can only be one. And if that’s the beginning, middle and end of your foreign policy objectives, then you do whatever it takes to control various regions of the world, and of course with all the oil the Middle East becomes so critical to you. But the principle is, you have to be the dominant power.

CHRIS HEDGESRight. Well, it’s far more frightening than that because, you know, we don’t have any diplomacy left. We essentially use techno-war as a way and it doesn’t work. We’ve lost the war in Afghanistan. Iraq is destroyed as a unified country. We’ve turned Libya into a failed state. We’ve turned, as I said before, an area the size of Texas controlled by the Islamic State into another failed state. It doesn’t work. It is the idiocy of allowing, or attempting to speak to the rest of the world exclusively in the language of force, and these are the kind of consequences that we bear because of that idiocy.

JAYAnd the other part of it, of course, is the amount of money that gets made out of all this. There’s nothing like almost-war to make a lot of dough for people manufacturing arms.

HEDGES — Right.

JAY — The Saudi-Iranian rivalry is a dream come true.

HEDGES — Right. Right, well, I think really at this point our foreign policy, and I think this explains the expansion of NATO, because we had promised Gorbachev, or Reagan had promised Gorbachev after the fall of the Berlin Wall that NATO would not expand beyond Germany. Why did it expand? Not for security reasons, but because the arms manufacturers want new markets. I think the same is true in the Middle East.

There is no goal, there is not endpoint, there is no vision. But companies like Raytheon and Halliburton and Northrop Grumman are making, you know, huge amounts of money. And I think at this point they’ve kind of taken hostage this failed policy and they keep perpetuating it because it’s good for their bank accounts, but it’s certainly not good for anyone in the Middle East and it’s not good for us.

JAY — So, what do you make of the two candidates running for president on their Middle East policy?

HEDGES — Oh, you know, I don’t think that [laughs]. The military industrial complex plays the tune and politicians dance to it. I don’t think there’ll be any difference between Trump and Clinton, in terms of that.



NATO convenes summit in Warsaw to make war preparations against Russia by Johannes Stern, World Socialist Web Site, July 8, 2016 — Today, a two-day NATO summit begins in Warsaw. The measures to be decided upon by the Western military alliance during its meeting in the Polish capital will further escalate the threat of war in Europe and serve ever more openly as preparations for a war against Russia, a nuclear power…. The threat of military escalation is “as before, very considerable…”

Cheating Moscow – NATO’s dangerous expansion by Jonathan Power, Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research, June 28, 2016 — The UK, the US, Canada and Germany will lead four battle groups to be based in Poland and the Baltic states. Diplomats say the troops will be a deterrent to Russian aggression by acting as a “tripwire” that would trigger a full response from the alliance if necessary. Germany’s foreign minister condemned Western “sabre-rattling and war cries”. He said, “Anyone who believes the symbolic tank parades on the Alliance’s eastern border will increase security is wrong”.

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