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Trudeau leaving a trail of broken promises and misguided policy, say critics

Promises scorecard: Made 219; Broken 18; Fulfilled 32; In progress 63; Waiting to be started 106. No 1739 Posted by fw, July 31, 2016 The Tyee article, reposted below, focuses on … Continue reading

July 31, 2016

Watch Rev Barber rock the DNC with his riveting “reviving the heart of our democracy” speech

In a mighty outburst, everyone in that hall stood cheering the reverend’s revival of their hearts. No 1738 Posted by fw, July 30, 2016 It is something special to behold. This … Continue reading

July 30, 2016

If Hillary were a car, Nader would declare her “Unsafe at Any Speed”

Here’s just a few of the defects Nader exposed in his review of the 2016 Clinton. No 1737 Posted by fw, July 30, 2016 Nader dissects Hillary’s Convention con job on … Continue reading

July 30, 2016

Two highly intelligent, articulate women spar over whom Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party really represent

Hillary Clinton: “I believe Wall Street can never, ever be allowed to wreck Main Street again.” No 1736 Posted by fw, July 29, 2016 “But I think, you know, again, we … Continue reading

July 29, 2016

“Clinton is against the TPP…. And so, I think it’s dead for Obama’s administration”

“If there is ever to be a TPP, it has to be totally renegotiated,” says Clinton adviser, Joseph Stiglitz. No 1735 Posted by fw, July 28, 2016 “She’s against it. And she’s … Continue reading

July 28, 2016

US history prof reviews Clinton personality assessment, forecasts convention outcome

Clinton’s great weakness is her self-assured conviction that she knows exactly what she is doing. No 1734 Posted by fw, July 27, 2016 “Clinton’s weakness is just that which she considers … Continue reading

July 27, 2016

Here’s an interview from the Democratic Convention the likes of which you won’t soon see on CBC News

Real News Network allows Bernie supporter to vent her considerable anger at DNC “system” in video that went viral. No 1733 Posted by fw, July 26, 2016 “I don’t give a … Continue reading

July 26, 2016

New campaign calls on Ontario government to end intimidation of pro-Palestinian rights organizations

Campaign seeks Ontario and National activist organizations to be signatories to a letter to be sent to all MPPs. No 1732 Posted by fw, July 25, 2016 “Despite the fact that … Continue reading

July 25, 2016

New report documents Israel’s cruel treatment, illegal imprisonment of Palestinian children in 2014-15

Illegality of Israel’s behavior and the political context in which it occurred is examined. No 1731 Posted by fw, July 24, 2016 ********** Trudeau Says His Government Willing to Criticize Canada’s … Continue reading

July 24, 2016

“As an American, as a Jew, and as a human, I will never stop talking about this injustice” – Anna Baltzer on Palestine

Watch this extraordinary young woman narrate her story about life in occupied Palestine as she experienced it in 2006. No 1730 Posted by fw, July 18, 2016 This post is stitched … Continue reading

July 18, 2016

US-led confrontation with Russia risks nuclear war, and exit from NATO by European partners, says Michael Hudson

It’s unlikely Canadians will find an equivalent to Hudson’s penetrating perspective in the pages of the Globe and Mail. No 1729 Posted by fw, July 17, 2016 “One of the points … Continue reading

July 17, 2016

The word you need to know is “Occupation” / The very definition of a land without a nation — Palestine

People fight for their existence / While the world turns a blinded eye / And those who should know better, Insist on asking why. No 1728 Posted by fw, July 16, … Continue reading

July 16, 2016

Trudeau claims far-right, corrupt Kiev government fights for same values that Canadians fight for. Really?

Trade deal will allow Canadian arms manufactures to sell offensive weaponry to Kiev. No 1727 Posted by fw, July 15, 2016 “Trudeau signaled that Canada would support offensive operations by Ukrainian … Continue reading

July 15, 2016

Seven years into CETA negotiations, Canadian officials continue to claim they are close to sealing the deal

“…full implementation of CETA will take years, not months,” says Michael Geist. No 1726 Posted by fw, July 14, 2016 “[W]ith rising opposition to trade agreements, the fallout from Brexit, and … Continue reading

July 14, 2016

TPP/TTIP are central to Obama’s geopolitical strategy to check China’s rise and extend America’s global hegemony

Maintaining the American Empire will exact high social costs for all participating countries. No 1725 Posted by fw, July 13, 2016 “In ways that have eluded Washington pundits and policymakers, President … Continue reading

July 13, 2016

NATO Warsaw summit’s real purpose was to force western political leaders to embrace fiction as fact

“We are about to enter a most difficult and dangerous period of history,” says ex-military analyst. No 1724 Posted by fw, July 12, 2016 “The most pathetic thing about all this … Continue reading

July 12, 2016

The President who wowed Canada’s Parliament fails to impress Canadian professor

“President Barack Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, has failed to live up to the promises he made and the hopes he raised.” No 1723 Posted by fw, July 11, 2016 … Continue reading

July 11, 2016

Don’t ratify TPP, TTIP and CETA trade agreements, advises UN Independent Expert

These agreements “constitute an attack on the very essence of sovereignty and self-determination.” No 1722 Posted by fw, July 10, 2016 “In this report, I address multiple threats to the international … Continue reading

July 10, 2016

Are we witnessing the global breakdown of social, economic, and political systems?

“This is a troubled world”, says Umair Haque. But who is Umair Haque, and what does he know about anything? No 1721 Posted by fw, July 9, 2016 “The great systems … Continue reading

July 9, 2016