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Two thumbs way up for Liberal government’s “Let’s Talk Climate Action” website

Today, I submitted my thoughts, entitled: “Liberals must act in behalf of ordinary Canadians, not special interests”.

No 1715 Posted by fw, June 30, 2016

First, my introduction to the “Let’s Talk Climate Action” website, followed by a copy of my submission: “Liberals must act in behalf of ordinary Canadians, not special interests”.

The Website

With their Let’s Talk Climate Action consultation website, soliciting public feedback, the Liberals have atoned for their terrible TPP consultation website. Clicking on the Let’s Talk Climate Action link takes you to the Home page, which introduces visitors to the 7 major content links of the site, facilitating website navigation.

Along the top of the Home page are 4 tabs: Home // Canada’s Approach to Climate Change // View or Submit Ideas // Login/Register. To submit ideas, first-time visitors must Register.

Before submitting ideas, I recommend visitors take a look at the 7 content links in the body of the Home page, featuring a video, a link to a sample of the latest submissions, and an introductory guide to suggested major climate change topics – all intended to help you decide what ideas you might like to submit.

The 7 content links are: The Science is Clear (1-minute video) // Submit your ideas // How and where to reduce emissions // Ideas for clean technology, innovation and jobs // Preparing for the impacts of climate change // Putting a price on carbon // Learn more about the action we are taking

What I especially liked about the website was the categorized feedback section, including the number of responses for each category – a feature missing from the TPP consultation website. Here are the counts from this afternoon:

Activity scoreboard — Ideas 2705 // Comments 5110 // Participants 3324

Themes — General Ideas on addressing climate change 1193 // How and where to reduce emissions 591 // Clean technology, innovation and job creation 581 // Preparing for the impacts of climate change 146 // Putting a price on carbon 201

Tags — Clean energy 420 // Energy efficiency 240 // Communities 240 // Transportation 238 // Buildings 104 // Clean growth 192

For related information, click on


My submission, entitled:

“Liberals must act in behalf of ordinary Canadians, not special interests”.

This is a slightly revised version from my original submission —

My two questions:

1/ With regard to addressing climate change, which constituency will the Liberal government primarily be acting in behalf of – ordinary Canadians who elected them to office, or the special interests, the ruling class, such as, for example, the oil and gas industry, the finance industry, corporate elites here and abroad, corporate owners of mainstream media, trading partners, and members of the G7/G8, and the like?

2/ Would the PM define himself as a neoliberal? That is, does he favour free-market capitalism and economic liberalization policies, including: privatization, deregulation, globalization, free trade, and enhancing the private sector? And if so, how might these neoliberal values influence how climate change would be addressed the Liberal government?

These questions stem from the following recent articles that indicate: 1) the majority of Canadians want the Liberal government to take immediate action to reduce GHG emissions, which is the only long-term answer to climate change; and 2) recent articles suggest the Liberals may be more tuned in to the interests of the ruling class than they are to those of the working class.


1/ CBC News report March 14, 2016 — EKOS poll Public opinion poll results on climate change

71.7 % of Canadians think governments should take action to protect the environment even if it increases energy costs and hurts some industries

76.6% of Canadians think Canada should do more to support the development of clean energy and the clean technology industry even if it results in an increase in energy costs

2/ In a June 2, 2016 article, Andrew Nikiforuk challenged PM Trudeau’s contention that Canada can have both oil and gas expansion and meet GHG targets, a claim the PM made without showing Canadians the math to back up his assertion.

3/ In a May 24, 2016 article, Will Dubitsky alleged that the Primer Minister had abandoned his green election promises; moreover, the Liberal government lacked a real climate plan.

4/ In a June 3, 2016 article, Brenda Broughton, former mayor of Lions Bay, BC wrote a highly critical article of the Liberal government for misleadingly promoting LNG as “clean or cleaner energy.” Broughton wrote:

“Canadians were promised intelligent leadership and we are receiving dogmatic decisions not based upon intelligent leadership. This now must become a public discussion.”

“The Minister of Environment appears to have not reviewed the science and also to be turning her back on, or avoiding speaking or meeting with the people expressing real and serious concerns.”



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