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Join Canadians calling on PM Trudeau and Minister Carr to reject the Kinder Morgan pipeline

This pipeline will be built — unless the PM and his MPs hear a broad public outcry from people across Canada.

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BREAKING! Kinder Morgan pipeline approved, Leadnow email, May 19, 2016

The Harper-appointed, unelected, and unaccountable National Energy Board just approved the Kinder Morgan Transmountain pipeline.

We can still stop this pipeline. Prime Minister Trudeau added a step to the review process, promising to listen to communities and look at the climate impacts of this project.1 But an army of oil industry lobbyists, led by the Texas-based Kinder Morgan, are putting PM Trudeau and his government under intense pressure.2

We have every reason to believe this pipeline will be built – unless PM Trudeau and his MPs hear a broad public outcry from people across Canada.

Click here to sign an urgent petition calling on PM Trudeau, Natural Resource Minister Carr and your MP to oppose the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

If built, the Kinder Morgan pipeline will:

  1. Threaten tens of thousands of jobs in the coastal economy with inevitable oil spills from pipelines and oil tankers3
  2. Pose a direct risk to one of the most fragile and diverse coastal ecosystems in the world4 
  3. Unleash global warming pollution at 56 times the rate of the entire City of Vancouver, putting all our communities at greater risk of climate disasters – just as the world is breaking heat records month after month.5

Oil spills from this pipeline and tanker plan are a question of when, not if. The Southern BC coast has one of the highest probabilities of a marine spill in Canada, and experts agree there’s more than 80% chance this pipeline will spill into the Burrard Inlet within the next 50 years.6,7

That’s why First Nations, municipalities, academics, scientists and the majority of British Columbians have come out against this pipeline.8,9 Now BC needs the support from the rest of Canada to ensure PM Trudeau, and Minister Carr and our MPs reject this pipeline.

Sign the petition calling on PM Trudeau and Natural Resource Minister Jim Carr to stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline.


The petition is brief and to the point:

Dear PM Trudeau and Natural Resources Minister Carr,

The Kinder Morgan pipeline threatens our communities, coast and climate with devastating oil spills and spiraling global warming pollution. I call on you to stand with us and defend our community safety by rejecting the Kinder Morgan TransMountain pipeline.


Click here to sign today

After Harper was defeated, the Leadnow community voted to make it a priority to tackle climate change. Together, we’ve been pushing on the new government to create a bold National Climate Strategy through the People’s Climate Plan. But no climate plan will be enough to stop the climate crisis if we continue to build pipelines.

If we are to protect our communities from the effects of climate change and the risk of pipeline and tanker spills, we need to stop these dirty energy projects before it’s too late. Together, we defeated Stephen Harper. Now, let’s come together to stop one of the last legacies of the Harper decade – the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

Join people across Canada calling on PM Trudeau and Minister Carr to reject the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

With hope and respect,

Rodrigo, Mike, Jamie and the rest of the Leadnow community


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