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Avi Lewis: “I think what we’re suffering from right now in our country is an impoverished political imagination.”

Steve Paikin: “When the draft Avi movement comes, I’ll be interested to see how you respond to it. Guess what? – It’s coming.”

No 1662 Posted by fw, May 4, 2016

“In the midst of the 2015 federal election campaign, left-wing activists gathered to launch their own call for transformational change with a document called the Leap Manifesto. It lays out a vision of the future to protect the earth from global warming and create equality among people. Documentary filmmaker Avi Lewis co-authored the Leap Manifesto with his wife, activist and author Naomi Klein. He joins The Agenda for a deeper look at the controversial document.”

Watch a sparkling political conversation between Avi Lewis and Steven Paikin, featured on last night’s edition of TV Ontario’s The Agenda. Lewis is the son of is the grandson of former federal NDP leader David Lewis and the son of politician and diplomat Stephen Lewis. He is married to journalist and author Naomi Klein.

Below is an embedded 34-minute video of the exchange. Sorry, no accompanying transcript. But if it’s of any help, Steve Paikin’s questions and comments that shaped the conversation appear below the video.


To Leap or not to Leap, Avi Lewis interviewed by Steve Paikin, The Agenda, TVO, May 3, 2016

Steve Paikin’s questions and comments that shaped the conversation —

What is the overarching philosophy behind the Leap Manifesto?

Why did you launch it during last year’s election campaign?

Leap from what to what?

Why Leap and not “Mad Dash”?

The Manifesto begins with a reference to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. How come?

Have aboriginal communities taken over for the Left?

Have you ever heard of the author Naomi Klein? (As most people, including Paikin, know, Avi is married to Naomi)

SP plays a clip from the film based on her book This Changes Everything. Paikin asks Avi to explain her comment “The other story and its keepers.”

Can we make the Leap without doing away with capitalism?

What do you infer from an EKOS poll that shows broad public support for the Leap Manifesto?

Quotes Thomas Homer Dixon who is critical of the Manifesto, and asks Avi to respond.

Quotes James Laxer who is also critical of the Manifesto’s failure to deal with the inequality crisis, and asks Avi to respond.

Respond to Rachel Notley who says the Leap “ain’t on”.

Maybe Notley is saying we are with you in spirit but we can’t do it all today. We need to get oil to market to pay for government programs. Respond.

Would it have been better for our world if the industrial revolution had never happened?

What kind of socialism do you believe in?

Politics is all different now and it’s hard to figure out what any party stands for any more. What do you think?

Are either you or your wife considering the vacancy of the federal NDP?

If you want to see the ideas you put forward go through there’s only one place you can make that happen and that’s in government. You were bred to do this.

When the draft Avi movement comes I’ll be interested to see how you respond to it. Guess what – It’s coming.

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