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The People’s Climate Plan launched by dozens of national and grassroots organizations

Goal is to flood Trudeau’s “public consultation” process with pro-clean energy, anti-pipeline feedback.

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To find out how to amplify your voice in the public consultation, join the People’s Climate Plan team. Be part of the solution. Details follow in this email from



A Turning Point for Canada, email from Rodrigo Samayoa,, April 26, 2016

The Trudeau Government just launched public consultations on their National Climate Strategy, marking a milestone for Canada. Now, we have to make a choice.  

On one side, fossil fuel lobbyists supported by Premiers Clark, Notley, and Wall, are pushing the Trudeau government to expand Canada’s tar sands and fracking industries. If we do this, there’s no way for us to do our part to stop catastrophic climate change.

On the other side, millions of people across the country are calling on PM Trudeau to create a climate plan that’s based on science, builds a 100% renewable energy economy, and ensures a just transition for indigenous people and workers.

Those of us calling for a just transition are losing the fight. PM Trudeau is seriously considering caving to the fossil fuel industry’s endless money and power by building new pipelines to expand the tar sands.

These consultations are our chance to turn the tide and ensure Canada goes down the right path, but we only have until the end of May to make our voices heard.

That’s why we’ve partnered with nearly 40 national and grassroots organizations to launch a new campaign: the People’s Climate Plan.

Click here to find out more and support the People’s Climate Plan

Our goal is simple: flood the climate consultations to show people across the country are ready for a bold climate plan that makes Canada into a global climate leader. While fossil fuel lobbyists make backroom deals to build new pipelines and wreck our climate, we can openly call for a Canada that’s powered by renewables and respects both people and climate.

This campaign launched last week and is gaining momentum. But to take things to the next level, we need organizers across the country, public education materials, outreach materials for volunteers, and tech tools to connect communities to town halls being organized in ridings across the country.

Together, we can give the government the groundswell of support it needs to implement a climate strategy that builds a 100% clean economy, creates jobs, and ensures a just transition for people and planet.

Will you support this campaign by donating as little as $5 to fund this massive national effort?

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From the early forest fires in BC to the bleaching of 93% of the Great Barrier Reef, we’re already experiencing the effects of climate change. That’s why we need a national climate strategy that:

  • Aligns with the science of climate change and ensures Canada meets its commitments to a 1.5°C world by keeping its fossil fuel reserves in the ground.
  • Builds a 100% renewable energy economy by 2050
  • Ensures a just transition for indigenous peoples, workers, and communities hit hardest by climate change.

The government has encouraged MPs to host climate town halls in their ridings and we are mobilizing people across the country to push MPs to host one in their riding. We hope to organize at least 150 town halls across the country to ensure everyone is able to speak up during this generational opportunity to make Canada into a climate leader.

Under Harper, the Leadnow community had to fight tooth and nail to stop Canada from being a climate pariah. Now that we have a government that recognizes the reality and urgency of this issue, we have a generational opportunity to turn Canada into a climate leader.

But we’ll only get a bold climate strategy if we can take this national campaign to the next level. Donate today to turn Canada into a climate leader:

With hope and respect,

Rodrigo, Logan and Mike on behalf of the Leadnow community

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