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Standing ovation for Naomi Klein’s tour de force presentation in Australia — VIDEO

An hour of no holds barred, gut-wrenching, impolite truth-telling.

No 1446 Posted by fw, September 10, 2015

“The task is clear: to create a culture of care-taking, in which no one and nowhere is thrown away. In which the inherent value of people and all of life is foundational. What would such a society look like? What would it mean to fight climate change, social exclusion, economic injustice, racism, gender inequality, all at the same time? What would intersectional – that most trendy of phrases – mean if it was actually about solutions, not just problems? It would mean recognizing that we have so many crises in front of us that we actually can’t afford the time to fix them sequentially. At this late stage baby steps won’t do. Steps in the right direction won’t do. What we need to do is leap to the next economy, to the next system now.”Naomi Klein

Last night I watched the CBC’s Peter Mansbridge interview NDP leader Tom Mulcair. But it wasn’t until this morning, after watching Naomi Klein’s blockbuster address to a packed Sydney Opera House, that I realized, in comparison, just how banal, how uninspiring the Mulcair interview really was – both in terms of questions asked and answers given. No bold, compelling vision from Mulcair comparable to Klein’s “The task is clear.”

Is this the best that Canada has on offer? So little for the mind and the spirit? I don’t necessarily fault Mansbridge or Mulcair. They are as much creatures of our stultifying political system, our corporate-controlled, insipid mainstream media reporting machine, and our largely passive, consumer-driven public that has come to expect little more from its politicians or its press. (I shudder to imagine what the system might do to Klein should she ever be enticed to run for public office. She’s too smart to fall into that dead end trap).

Klein’s impolite message is particularly timely for Canadians in this election year. She provides us with a much needed measuring stick against which to compare and critically evaluate the intellectual and emotional performance of those who would be our next prime minister.

As an aside, did Naomi choke up when, beginning at about the 7:10-minute mark, she began talking about Canada’s complicity in the tragic drowning death of little Alan Kurdi?

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Naomi Klein: Capitalism and the Climate, Festival of Dangerous Ideas 2015, Organized by the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Streamed live by Ideas at the House, September 5, 2015

Video: Is Capitalism now at war with our planet? (You Tube, 58:17 minutes)

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