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Mocking Harper’s MP robots – This video deserves to go viral

To mock Harper’s MPs as robots is an insult to robots

No 1412 Posted by fw, July 31, 2015

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”Plato

Who put the ‘MOCK’ in demMOCKracy? Don’t know. Don’t really care. But sure am glad the clever folks at Tyee cooked up this 2:36-minute gem.


Thirteen MPs, One Script: a PressProgress Supercut Submitted by Tyee staff, July 31, 2015

With rumours of the writ’s expected drop, we all can expect to see too many campaign advertisements in the near future.

Hopefully there will be a little more diversity among them than the ones featured in this PressProgress video, which made a few in our newsroom chuckle.

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