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Hitler reacts to news of NDP’s spectacular breakthrough victory on Alberta front

Spoof video adds English subtitles to scene from famous German movie about Hitler’s Downfall

No 1331 Posted by fw, May 11, 2015

In this video post from You Tube, Matt Guerin takes a scene from the German movie Downfall, starring Bruno Ganz as Hitler, and adds his own English subtitles to celebrate NDP’s “amazing victory” in Alberta.

Following Matt’s clever spoof, is another clip, this one of the original scene from Downfall.


Hitler reacts to Alberta NDP majority election – parody video – subtitles by Matt Guerin, published on May 6, 2015

Matt writes: “Always loved these Hitler ‘Downfall’ parodies, so got inspired by tonight’s amazing NDP victory in Alberta…Enjoy!”

WARNING – There is a vulgar four-letter word in the subtitles that women will / may find offensive.


And here’s the same clip, but from the original movie, Downfall


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