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Send Stephen Harper a message – Dare him to show up at the UN climate summit on Sept. 23 in New York is daring Harper to try to defend Canada’s climate record before the world. Sign on to this campaign.

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No 1141 Posted by fw, September 10, 2014

Cameron Fenton of emailed the following message to followers today —

Time to play truth or dare.

Truth: Canada’s climate performance is the worst in the entire Western world. The exploitation of tar sands is the primary reason Canada will fail to meet its own meagre climate targets.

Truth: Tar sands production is set to triple in the coming years while emissions could double, fueling a catastrophic increase in global temperature.

Truth: Tar Sands and climate change are devastating Indigenous communities in Northern Alberta and around the world. Over 20,000 treaty rights violations have been recorded by one community, the Beaver Lake Cree Nation, in the face of tar sands expansion.

And now for the dare.

We’re daring Stephen Harper to try and tell the world that he is taking climate change seriously.

We’re daring him to face the music in New York and see how far out of touch he has become from the international community.

We’re daring him to see tens on tens of thousands of people standing together for the People’s Climate March, and try to tell them that no, the science isn’t real and the moment isn’t urgent.

If he goes, we’ll be there to show him how far he has let Canada fall, and how real and urgent the crisis is.

But if he doesn’t — and we know there a lot of reasons for him to stay home — we’re prepared to continue to build a chorus calling for real, just action back in Canada. Either way, the time is now for these ugly truths to come to light, and for us to dare for something better.

And the day before the United Nations Climate Summit in New York, we will bring these truths to light at Canada’s Consulate — which also happens to be at one of the world’s most iconic addresses, on one of the busiest streets in the US. If you can make your dare, I can assure you we won’t be ignored.

Sign on and dare Stephen Harper to show up at the United Nations climate summit in New York.

Let’s do this,


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