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Ontario branch of Canadian Federation of Students votes to join boycott of Israel

300,000 students lead the way where cowering federal politicians dare not follow

Ryerson U president calls on Ontario academic institutions not to “remain complicit” with schools that support “Israeli war crimes”

No 1127 Posted by fw, August 21, 2014

Canadian students vote to join boycott of Israel Published by Redress Information & Analysis, August 21, 2014

Canada may be Israel’s closest lickspittle* state  – more than even the United States – but it would seem that Canada’s youth don’t share their government’s slavish attitude towards the world’s only surviving apartheid state. [*lickspittle – fawning, servile]

According to the Ottawa Citizen, the Ontario branch of the Canadian Federation of Students, representing more than 300,000 university students in the province, has unanimously passed a resolution to boycott Israel.

The website quoted a union executive member, Anna Goldfinch, as saying that the resolution to join the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (or BDS) Movement in support of Palestine received no opposition at its annual general meeting last weekend.

The resolution, which was submitted by the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU), “endorses a number of solidarity tactics that have been called for by Palestinian civil society”, she added.

RSU’s president, Rajean Hoilett, was quoted by the Ottawa Citizen as saying that he was calling for the university and colleges in Ontario not to “remain complicit” through investments and ties with academic institutions that support or profit from “Israeli war crimes”.

Everywhere, from Ottawa to Santiago and from Oakland, California, to London, the people are shouting loud and clear, often in defiance of their corrupt governments: no to Israeli crimes and yes to justice for the Palestinian people.

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