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Electrifying Rev. Wm. Barber fires up Moral Monday throng with riveting “mighty low” speech attacking GOP

Want to build a movement in a hurry? – find a charismatic orator like the good Rev. Barber No 973 Posted by fw, February 10, 2014 “Tens of thousands of … Continue reading

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Nader calls on the well-heeled to fund lobbyists to apply relentless pressure on Congress to address climate change

Congress is split between believers and disbelievers — the result is worse than gridlock, it’s somnolence No 972 Posted by fw, February 09, 2014  “Omnicidal as it is, climate change … Continue reading

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Video lampoons Keystone XL’s job creation fiction

This is a funny video with a serious purpose — to tell the truth about KXL’s lies No 970 Posted by fw, February 06, 2014 New Keystone XL Comedy Video … Continue reading

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“Poor Us” — Brilliant animated film reveals how poverty has changed over the centuries

Explains what forces are at work, and what lessons we can learn from the past to fight poverty today No 968 Posted by fw, February 05, 2014 NOTE — Why … Continue reading

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These are hard times for many in US, so why no uprising?

The answer is complex, but three reasons stand out, says Robert Reich No 966 Posted by fw, February 01, 2014 “Middle incomes are sinking, the ranks of the poor are … Continue reading

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