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Harper MP joins the ranks of “Climate Deniers Say the Dumbest Things”

Tory MP Gordon O’Connor says: “The climate always changes. It goes hot. It goes cold, etc.”

No 984 Posted by fw, February 21, 2014

Tory MP Gordon O'Connor

Tory MP Gordon O’Connor

My mom once told me it wasn’t polite to make fun of other peoples’ blunders, unless the miscues were by politicians saying dumb things — in which case they were fair game for ridicule. So I guess I have mom’s permission to mock Tory MP Gordon O’Connor, by welcoming him to the club of “climate deniers who say the dumbest things”. (To find out who the other members are, click on Climate change deniers say the dumbest things). If MP O’Connor isn’t hanging his head in shame in this photo, he should be.

But hang on. Seems O’Connor isn’t the only Tory candidate for the dumb deniers club. According to the following brief article, Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz also made the cut with this gem: “This cold weather can’t last forever. This global warming has to stop some time.” But maybe he was just trying to be funny. But getting a laugh at the expense of the tens of thousands who have lost their lives in climate-related disasters shows a callous streak unbecoming of any politician, including the Tories.

With America in a deep freeze, the UK drowning, and Australia burning, Canadians who are still waiting for Harper’s climate initiative, are in for a long wait, as the PM’s dithering risks further exacerbating climate-related catastrophes on a global scale. The next federal election can’t come soon enough — it’s past time to dump these dummies who are gambling with the lives of our children and grandchildren.

Conservatives on climate change: “the climate always changes. It goes hot. It goes cold.”  by PressProgress, February 17, 2014

The Conservative climate change skeptics club is getting bigger.

Tory MP Gordon O’Connor showed his colours last week, when he explained why the Conservatives couldn’t support an Opposition motion at the House of Commons government operations committee. It called for the Parliamentary Budget Officer to study and forecast the cost of climate change on the delivery of public safety emergency operations.

O’Connor explained:

“My problem is with the words ‘climate change.’ I don’t know what those words mean because they’re a buzz phrase. Climate change. If we’re talking about what is our preparedness for natural disasters, that’s one thing, but climate change, if you want to talk about the climate, the climate always changes. It goes hot. It goes cold, etc.”

O’Connor’s colleague, Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz, made his own quip on the floor of the House of Commons last week.

“This cold weather can’t last forever. This global warming has to stop some time.”

These guys seem to be taking their cues from Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq, who started her tenure in the portfolio by casting doubt on climate change.

They should be listening to this guy instead.

In a speech in Jakarta on Sunday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry put climate change deniers in the same category as people who believe the Earth is flat. He said climate change may be the world’s “most fearsome” weapon of mass destruction requiring urgent action.

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