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Electrifying Rev. Wm. Barber fires up Moral Monday throng with riveting “mighty low” speech attacking GOP

Want to build a movement in a hurry? – find a charismatic orator like the good Rev. Barber

No 973 Posted by fw, February 10, 2014

“Tens of thousands of people marched in Raleigh, North Carolina, on Saturday {February 8] to protest the far-right policies of the state’s Republican government. The “Moral March” was an outgrowth of last year’s Moral Mondays protests, 13 weeks of actions against what critics call a Republican assault on poor people, the unemployed, voting rights, education, the environment, healthcare and women’s rights. Protest organizer, Rev. William Barber, the head of the NAACP in North Carolina, said Republican policies have forced marginalized communities to stand together.” — Source: Up to 100,000 Stage “Moral March” Against North Carolina GOP, Democracy Now, February 10, 2014.

‘Tis a pity that rhetorical wizards like Barber are such a rare breed. There’s certainly a dearth of them in Canada. Here’s 6:43-minutes of Barber’s riveting “mighty low” attack on the GOP, followed by transcripts of two excerpted passages from the Democracy Now post, cited above.

Rev. William Barber: “We have been called together to fight against a dangerous agenda of extremist laws by the ultra-conservative right wing that is choosing the low road, policies that are constitutionally inconsistent, morally indefensible and economically insane. It’s extreme, and it’s mighty low, to cut Medicaid for more than 500,000 people in a state of 1.7 million poor people and knowing that 2,800 will die. It’s mighty low to raise taxes on 900,000 poor people and working citizens in order to lower taxes for 23 of the wealthiest families.”

Rev. William Barber: “We are black. We are white. We are Latino. We are Native American. We are Democrat. We are Republican. We are independent. We are people of faith. We are people not of faith, but who, though they are secular, they still believe in a moral universe. We are people. We are natives and immigrants. We are business leaders and workers and unemployed. We are doctors and the uninsured. We are gay. We are straight. We are students. We are parents. We are retirees. We are North Carolina. We are America. And we are here, and we ain’t going nowhere!”


NCGOP slams NAACP’s Barber, Moral Monday movement, posted by, February 7, 2014 – Moral Mondays are not going away. The movement is rapidly growing in size and power, and has the GOP looking nervously over their shoulders. Their concern is reflected in the choice of the tried-and-true, fear-mongering invective from the Republican leader, peppered with words such as: “movement is radical left-wing”; Barber is out to “eviscerate” state Republican leaders; he’s “a radical left-wing activist” with a “fringe liberal agenda”; left-wing groups like and Planned Parenthood have been recruiting “liberal activists” from across the country; “They support Rev. Barber’s radical left-wing agenda to fully implement ‘Obamacare,’ raise taxes and take us back to the days of double-digit unemployment.”

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