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Neil McCabe’s Green Plan presentation wins high praise at Radical Emission Reduction Conference

McCabe’s presentation “was critically inspiring” — climate scientist Kevin Anderson, conference convenor

No 948 Posted by fw, January 7, 2014

Dublin firefighter Neil McCabe was one of only a few non-academics who was invited to attend the Radical Emission Reduction Conference held at London’s prestigious Royal Society in London on December 10-11, 2013.

An embedded video of McCabe’s 13:52-minute Conference presentation follows. Titled, Case Study of Kilbarrack Fire Station, Neil, in his rich Irish accent, gallops through the highlights of his Green Plan. His main points are textually displayed on-screen during the talk, so no transcript is included in this post. As well, the plan’s highlights are reflected in the two preceding posts: Dublin Fire Station’s model Green Plan slashes CO2 emissions, becomes first carbon neutral station in world, and Awards heaped on Dublin’s Neil McCabe for innovation and leadership in addressing climate change issues.

Describing Neil as a rare “done and doing” presenter – in contrast to academic “researchers” — climate scientist Kevin Anderson praised his presentation in the concluding minutes of the video wrap up session to the Conference:

“’Done and Doing’ would be Neil’s presentation about the fire brigade, and a number of fire brigades in southern Ireland. That was really critically inspiring, I naively hoped we would get more of those [types of presentations] that we could bring them together. Nevertheless, having one as strong as [Neil’s] was really inspiring.”

Here is Neil’s presentation, followed by two links to related, highly detailed documents by Neil about selected aspects of the Green Plan. Two more links to Dublin’s Sustainability Report 2012 reflect the signature marks of McCabe’s Green Plan.


  • Biodiversity Action Plan Kilbarrack Fire Station by Fire Fighter Neil McCabe, Dublin Fire Brigade, 2011 – In this 79-page report, McCabe includes, among other things, these content essentials: Summary; Vision; Mission; Aims, Definition; Importance of Biodiversity; Making of the Plan; and Biodiversity topics, such as — wild garden, birds, composting, recycling, hydroponics, allotment, roof garden
  • Green Public Procurement & Investing In Climate Change: A Guidance Document for Dublin Fire Brigade by Fire Fighter Neil McCabe, Dublin Fire Brigade, June 2012 – This 101-page document offers a concise Executive Summary right up front, followed by seven sections: 1) Green Plan; 2) Public Procurement Introduction; 3) Sustainable Development and Climate Change; 4) The Legal Context underpinning Green Public Procurement; Green Public Procurement Strategy; 5) Green Public Procurement Strategy; 6) Reducing Dependence on Fossil Fuels through “Green” Planning; and 7) Conclusions
  • Sustainability Report 2012: Part A by Dublin City – A 24-page report with an Introduction by the City Manager, who states: “There is a global shift towards a greener economy and Dublin is well placed to be at the forefront of this. Working closely with public and private sector partners, the council is developing a smart city approach, recognizing that the innovation needs to go beyond technology and include governance and society. The Sustainability Report is complemented by a 32-page Sustainability Indicators 2012: Part B: An extensive review was undertaken of over 300 indicators already in use internationally, nationally, regionally and locally to ensure that the selected indicators were comparable and made the best use of existing measurements

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