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US Budget deal outcome destroys all social gains won by workers during twentieth century

Tea Party Republicans dropped Obamacare demands in exchange for gutting of social programs No 882 Posted by fw, October 17, 2013 “There was not a single mass organization that denounced … Continue reading

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Jewish groups’ attempts to distort facts about ‘Disappearing Palestine’ ad campaign in Vancouver backfire

Launch of pro-Israeli preposterous counter-ads purport to show Jewish, not Palestinian land, has shrunk No 881 Posted by fw, October 17, 2013 In a “Battle of the Ads”, a support-Israel … Continue reading

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Harper “gravely ignored” lawyers’ letter calling for legal action against war crimes suspect Dick Cheney

Cheney scheduled to be keynote speaker at Toronto Global Forum on October 31 No 880 Posted by fw, October 16, 2013 “It is long overdue for Cheney and other Bush … Continue reading

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Green Party’s version of throne speech serves as timely critical appraisal of Harper rule

“Democracy in the 21st Century hangs in a vulnerable place” No 879 Posted by fw, October 16, 2013 “Democracy in the 21st Century hangs in a vulnerable place – between … Continue reading

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US Appeals Court rejects request to grant temporary injunction on southern half of Keystone XL

Decision puts TransCanada’s financial health ahead of ecologically sane future No 878 Posted by fw, October 15, 2013 “Forget the politicians. The politicians are put there to give you the … Continue reading

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Alberta’s complex carbon offsetting projects, schemes no match for Keystone, tar sands emissions

And Harper’s promised mitigation of emissions is incompatible with unchecked oil sands expansion policy No 877 Posted by fw, October 13, 2013 “For all the talk of mitigation, environmentalists say, … Continue reading

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Palestinian prisoner drama on New York stage reflects shift in US understanding of conflict

Nearly 8 years ago, under pressure, “My Name is Rachel Corrie” was cancelled No 876 Posted by fw, October 10, 2013 “Watching a South African play performed by Palestinian actors … Continue reading

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Canadians will be surprised, even shocked by scope of Canada’s spying activities, says Glenn Greenwald

Allegations flying that Harper is in cover-up mode, and NDP is complicit. More revelations to come, says Greenwald No 875 Posted by fw, October 09, 2013 “The [Harper] government is … Continue reading

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Insider’s portrait of the shocking banality of racism and violence that is tolerated inside Netanyahu’s Israel

“It’s so widely tolerated, because it’s so common,” says journalist Max Blumenthal No 874 Posted by fw, October 07, 2013 “[Netanyahu has] returned to the U.S. to sell the Israeli … Continue reading

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College student’s appeal of lawsuit over climate change heard by Alaska’s Supreme Court

Lower court had dismissed Nelson Kanuk’s case last year when he was high school senior No 873 Posted by fw, October 06, 2013 “Robert Campbell, the only private practice lawyer … Continue reading

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Afghanistan now brutal “mafia state”, result of 12 years US/NATO occupation, says Afghan woman activist

Celebrated Malalai Joya exposes the horrors of Afghans’ “life in hell” No 872 Posted by fw, October 05, 2013 “As always, I say that U.S. government has two faces. One … Continue reading

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Obama pushing secretive TPP agreement that would corporatize 40 percent of global economy

Trans-Pacific Partnership would handcuff domestic governments of all member countries, including Canada No 871 Posted by fw, October 04, 2013 “The Trans-Pacific Partnership is often referred to by critics as “NAFTA on steroids,” … Continue reading

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Enbridge Line 9 proposal poses major threat to jobs and safety say Ontario, Quebec opponents

FIVE protest rallies planned for Toronto and Hamilton this month No 870 Posted by fw, October 04, 2013 “Canada’s two largest cities [Toronto, Montreal] are raising strong objections to Enbridge’s … Continue reading

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Pembina challenges Premier Clark’s misleading claim BC to produce “cleanest LNG in the world”

Clark ignores the fracking needed to get the gas out of the ground No 869 Posted by fw, October 03, 2013 Pembina reacts to Premier Clark’s comments on “cleanest” LNG … Continue reading

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Alberta Court quashes gov. decision to exclude Pembina from oilsands regulatory process

Judge calls Alberta gov. actions “tainted” and decision “biased” No 868 Posted by fw, October 03, 2013 Following up on a September 5, 2013 post, Pembina Institute takes Alberta Gov. … Continue reading

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Harper, fossil fuel industry press to get full suite of products to markets by pipeline, rail, road, tankers

Who will stop Harper’s “up yours” all-out blitz to rob Canadians of an ecologically sane future? No 867 Posted by fw, October 02, 2013  “Following a visit by federal ministers … Continue reading

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What will it take to build an effective revolutionary mass movement?

And what barriers are corporatocracies erecting to thwart these movements? No 866 Posted by fw, October 01, 2013 “The state, in its internal projections, has a vision of the future … Continue reading

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