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Video-journalist slams Jewish UK Baroness for attack on musician over Israeli Apartheid remark

In a brilliant compilation video, Anthony Lawson assembles the evidence that exposes the factual correctness of violinist Nigel Kennedy’s anti-Apartheid remark

No 841 Posted by fw, August 27, 2013

Here is the remark by renowned violinist Nigel Kennedy that sparked Baroness Deech’s rebuke…

“Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a bit facile to say it, but we all know from experience in this night of music tonight, that given equality and getting rid of Apartheid, gives a beautiful chance for amazing things to happen.

And here’s what Baroness Deech said in response…

“The remark was offensive and untrue. There is no Apartheid in Israel. Apartheid was a system based on racial classification and denial of franchise. This is not the case in Israel or Gaza of the West Bank. It is inappropriate to allow the Albert Hall to be used for inflammatory comments such as this. Imagine if a conductor with Spaniards in his orchestra used the Proms to attack UK ownership of Gibraltar.”

Anthony Lawson

Anthony Lawson

About Anthony Lawson — Anthony Lawson is an inimitable, conscientious and unique man. What he does can be described as professional and committed video-journalism. Lawson is a retired international-prize-winning commercials director, cameraman, ad agency creative director and voice over. He calls himself as a “stickler for accuracy” and his record demonstrates the rightfulness of this description. His articles and videos on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, 9/11 attacks and U.S. foreign policy have appeared on a number of media outlets and news websites. Source:

Here’s Lawson’s brilliant 18:16-minute video retort —

Jewish Peer Attacks Violinist for Israel Apartheid by Anthony Lawson, Dissident Voice, August 27, 2013

Apart from the seriousness of attacking a fine musician who was speaking the truth, then having his words censored from any future broadcasts by the BBC, the video looks into the activities of the Jewish lobbies in the United Kingdom in attempting to suppress the vicious activities of the Jewish, Apartheid State of Israel against the Palestinian people.

As a bonus, here’s an exchange between Lawson and a “Rabi” who posted this comment on the You Tube web page featuring the above video

Rabi Ben Lavi  — Israel has no apartheid. Arabs are not doing farming and labour for Israelis. As a matter of fact, any Arabs working or having businesses in Israel, pay 75% of their taxes back to the Palestinian authority. Can foreigners work or own businesses in the UK or US and their taxes go back to their home country? It’s the fascist Sunnis who are scum. can’t even leave music alone for their quest to kill anyone who is not a Sunni Arab. Fascist bs is easy to get sucked into. That’s the object.

Anthony Lawson — I suspect you are one of those people being paid by the Israeli government to post such absurd comments, in an attempt to combat the situation that this video accurately depicts. Didn’t you notice that a former British Chief Rabbi (there are two ‘b’s in Rabbi, by the way) pointed out that there is no doubt that Israel is an Apartheid state. Rabbis are Jews, don’t you know. But keep lying for Israel, it’s what they do all the time. Although I have specifically asked that abusive language should not be used in comments, how typical that someone calling himself a Rabi [sic] should be one of the first.

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