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President Obama among rogues gallery of gov’t officials caught lying on video about NSA program

Watch the video of lies documented by investigative ProPublica journalists No 822 Posted by fw, July 31, 2013 I’m old enough to remember this poster of another American president, “Tricky … Continue reading

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Historian’s account of stunning early success of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement

Stubborn, arrogant Netanyahu presumes world will continue to accept Israel’s criminal behaviour No 821 Posted by fw, July 30, 2013 “…the BDS movement is only eight years old. We can … Continue reading

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Canada’s Transition Initiatives: An Updated List

No 820 Posted by fw, July 28, 2013 This is the second update to a list of Canada’s transition communities. The original list was posted on September 23, 2010. On … Continue reading

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Environmental activist invites east Ontario mayor to join opposition to TransCanada pipeline proposal

Mayor of Ottawa Valley township is “very happy” with plan to pump dilbit across Rideau River and across township No 819 Posted by fw, July 26, 2013 Ian Angus, socialist, … Continue reading

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Myth exploded that Harper government is critical of military takeovers

Montreal writer and political activist, Yves Engler, sets the record straight No 818 Posted by fw, July 26, 2013 “The Harper government has backed military coups, opposed pro-democracy movements and … Continue reading

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Israeli Draft Refusnik makes a pitch for your support of Jewish Voice for Peace

Now living in New York, Maya Wind, true to her convictions, spent several months in Israeli military prison and detention No 817 Posted by fw, July 25, 2013 Before getting … Continue reading

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Indigenous peoples of Canada and Australia offer exemplary conservation models for others to follow

Indigenous peoples of Canada are developing world-leading land-use plans for Canada’s boreal forests No 816 Posted by fw, July 24, 2013 “A new report, “Conserving the World’s Last Great Forest … Continue reading

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Snowden risked all to expose massive NSA surveillance, but where is the outpouring of public disapproval?

Spilt divisions of public opinion are unlikely to inspire Congress or Obama to change anything No 815 Posted by fw, July 21, 2013 “No attempt has been made by U.S. … Continue reading

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Contemptuous Israeli rabbi disses public tweets of revulsion over Facebook photos of “Rachel Corrie pancakes”

Photos were posted by so-called “Lone Soldiers”, men recruited from overseas to join the Israeli occupation forces No 814 Posted by fw, July 20, 2013 People were quick to tweet … Continue reading

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Join a global team of young leaders to spark a new wave of climate action

  Create a life worth living. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to make a difference No 813 Posted by fw, July 19, 2013 Global Power Shift could be the amazing … Continue reading

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Bold gutsy action planning tips: Pt 4 of 4 – How to advocate for voting reform and democracy renewal

No 812 Posted by fw, July 17, 2013 In Part 3, Give the Media What They Want, Dave offered three tips on how to exploit what is potentially your group’s … Continue reading

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Bold gutsy action planning tips: Pt 3 of 4 – How to give the media what they want

No 811 Posted by fw, July 17, 2013 “We often go into media outreach thinking: How do I get them to cover me? As if they’re offering us something and … Continue reading

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Bold gutsy action planning tips: Pt 2 of 4 – How to empower your team members

No 810 Posted by fw, July 17, 2013 “They [Toronto Cyclists Union] have on their website: ‘Join the bike union so we can advocate on your behalf.’ I think that’s … Continue reading

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Bold gutsy action planning tips: Pt 1 of 4 – How to attract more members to your team

Video — Toronto artist and organizer Dave Meslin will dazzle you with his innovative ideas No 809 Posted by fw, July 17, 2013 “How do we reach beyond the people … Continue reading

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As expected, Harper’s evisceration of environmental legislation allows Enbridge to evade Line 9 questions

Pipeline company simply refuses to answer questions from group of Ontario municipalities and Ministry of Energy No 808 Posted by fw, July 16, 2013 “Enbridge has deemed that more than two dozen … Continue reading

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Seven obstacles that discourage people from trying to make a difference in their communities

Public disengagement is reinforced by a complex web of cultural barriers No 807 Posted by fw, July 12, 2013 “As long as we believe that people, our own neighbours, are … Continue reading

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Harper gov. Panel approves Shell tar sands project that will exceed air quality standards

Decision reflects “comprehensive summary of the failures of Alberta and Canada’s environmental management” No 806 Posted by fw, July 10, 2013 As climate-related disasters mount in Canada and beyond, the … Continue reading

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AlJazeera documentary probes America’s descent into a world of dark secrets and dirty wars

No 805 Posted by fw, July 9, 2013 “Wiretaps without warrants. Surveillance of everyone. Who’s in charge? And who’s watching the watchers? Will anything change? And does this massive spending … Continue reading

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Glenn Greenwald alleges NSA’s goal is the “elimination of privacy worldwide”

It’s a complete joke that there is robust oversight on this surveillance, says Greenwald No 804 Posted by fw, July 8, 2013 “The reason that Edward Snowden came forward, the … Continue reading

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