Citizen Action Monitor and call on Canadians to demand Harper government stop secretive spying

“Secretive Canadian government agency is collecting our sensitive private information”

No 786 Posted by fw, June 20, 2013 and are cohosting this stop-spying petition campaign. Both organizations will keep Canadians updated on this and other related campaigns going forward.


Here is a copy of the petition to PM Stephen Harper and Def. Min. Peter MacKay that Canadians are being asked to sign —

Subject: No secret spying

We deserve to know if our private information is being collected and stored in giant unsecured databases.

We call on the government to make public the details of Canadian foreign intelligence agencies online spying and data sharing activities, including those involving foreign states. We demand an immediate stop to any programs of indiscriminate and arbitrary online spying.

Attn: Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Attn: Defence Minister Peter MacKay

Call on the Government to tell us the truth about this reckless online spying activity now. Click here to send your message.


Here is a copy of a email (June 20, 2013) outlining what is already known about the government’s secretive spying program —

Do you want a secretive government agency to be able to track what you do online and spy on your personal relationships?

You probably saw on the news that a U.S. government agency has been caught secretly spying on private communications of millions of Americans and people like you – through their cell phones,1 and through popular online services like Google, Facebook, and Skype.2

Now, the Globe And Mail is reporting that Canada has its own agency that appears to be doing the same thing, in near total secrecy – recklessly collecting and storing our most sensitive private information in giant databases for unknown purposes.3

We need to know how much of our private data is being collected and stored and why. To get answers, we’ve teamed up with the incredibly effective community to start an urgent joint campaign today.

Call on the Government to tell us the truth about this reckless online spying activity now. Click here to send your message.

The key agency collecting our sensitive information is called the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) and the Globe And Mail describes it as an “ultrasecretive Canadian electronic-eavesdropping agency”.4

According to recent revelations by online surveillance expert Ron Deibert, a secretive government agency can collect your private information – giving them the power to “pinpoint not only who you are, but with whom you meet, with what frequency and duration, and at which locations.”5

And even the government’s own Privacy Commissioner’s Office has ominously stated, “we know very little specific information at this point, but we want to find out more”.4

We need to use this moment when privacy issues are in the spotlight to get the answers we deserve. Time and again, this government has proven that when it does something in secret, it’s probably doing something that the public would never agree to.

Let’s create a public outcry that’s impossible to ignore. Click here to call on the government to stop this secretive spying scheme, and to tell Canadians exactly what’s going on

With hope and respect,
Matthew, Jamie, and Maggie, on behalf of the team, and our allies at


[1] NSA collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers daily (The Guardian)

[2] Secret program gives NSA, FBI backdoor access to Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft data (The Verge)

[3] The Globe And Mail reports that CSEC has “acknowledged that some Canadian communications are scooped up into this dragnet.”:
Data-collection program got green light from MacKay in 2011 (The Globe and Mail)

[4] Privacy watchdog on spy agency’s data collection: ‘We want to find out more’ (The Globe And Mail)

[5] Spy agencies have turned our digital lives inside out. We need to watch them (The Globe And Mail)    

[6] Why Canadians Should Be Demanding Answers About Secret Surveillance Programs (Michael Geist) is an independent community that brings Canadians together to hold government accountable, deepen our democracy and take action for the common good.

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