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Kudos to Rainforest Action Network for multifaceted Keystone XL protest campaign

RAN using pledges of resistance, civil disobedience demonstrations, training and petitions against KXL

No 780 Posted by fw, June 18, 2013

It is such a pleasure to recognize the multifaceted tactics of Rainforest Acton Network (RAN) in its anti-KXL campaign. I have said this before, but it bears repeating — in my view, too many activist organizations rely solely on point-click-and send petitions and form letters as a protest strategy, which, by themselves, rarely accomplish much of anything. So here’s to RAN for setting an example for others to follow.

And here is a copy of RAN’s latest email update, detailing their latest accomplishments, upcoming plans, and very modest donation request.

BREAKING: 22 arrested protesting Keystone XL in Chicago

From: Amanda Starbuck, Rainforest Action Network []

Date: June 17, 2013

tar-sands-action-300x200I have big news: Today we made good on our pledge to resist the Keystone XL pipeline. And today was just the beginning.

Twenty-two people were arrested today taking part in a sit-in at the downtown Chicago offices of the State Department—the first of many courageous acts of civil disobedience that will take place this summer as President Obama prepares to make a final decision on whether or not to allow construction of the dangerous tar sands pipeline.

We have just a few months to show the President the opposition he’ll face if he approves this pipeline. Can you chip in $5 to help make sure Obama can’t ignore our call for climate action?

As you may know, the State Department will issue a National Interest Determination (NID) on Keystone XL this fall, which will be followed by President Obama’s final decision on whether or not to approve the pipeline. So this really is our moment, potentially the last moment, to ramp things up.

More than 60,000 people have signed a Pledge of Resistance and committed to risk arrest, if necessary, to protest approval of Keystone XL. Many of them have never taken action before—a sign of just how widespread opposition to Keystone XL really is. RAN’s team is building the enormous infrastructure necessary to train and support thousands of people in dozens of states. Throughout the summer, we’ll be leading trainings in 25 cities across the U.S. to train Pledge of Resistance signers in dignified, nonviolent civil disobedience so that we can continue to escalate pressure on President Obama.

Despite scientific consensus that the pipeline poses significant consequences to the climate and public health, it is not certain that President Obama and the State Department will buck oil industry pressure and block the pipeline.

That’s why actions like the one in Chicago today are so important. We’re sending a loud and clear message to President Obama that we will not sit idly by while his administration locks us into decades of continued reliance on fossil fuels. Can you help us make the next message we send even louder by donating $5?

You and I know both know that climate change is not a distant concept, but a pressing threat to our health and our country. People from all walks of life are ready to take action to send President Obama the message: Stand on the right side of history and say no to this dangerous and dirty energy pipeline.

I know that you are ready for our government to take bold action to address climate change, and that you are willing to take bold action to demand it. We need your support to make this summer of Keystone XL action a success.

Can you chip in $5 to make sure everyone gets the training and support they need?

For the future,

Amanda Starbuck
Energy & Finance Program Director

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