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Stephen Hawking’s withdrawal from conference major blow to Israeli prestige and propaganda

Pro-Israel website falsely claimed withdrawal was for health reasons No 741 Posted by fw, May 09, 2013 “It is fully confirmed that Professor Stephen Hawking pulled out of a conference … Continue reading

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Canadian Jewish activists protest Canadian Jewish lobby’s support for Israel’s violence, injustice and repression

No 740 Posted by fw, May 08, 2013 Thanks to Independent Jewish Voices — Canada (IJV) for this brief news item. For those who may not be familiar with this … Continue reading

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Former Ag-Can research scientist warns against genetically engineered food

Dr Thierry Vrain, who once defended GE food, has reversed his position No 739 Posted by fw, May 07, 2013 This is an abridged post of Dr Vrain’s original article, … Continue reading

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It will take more than petitions to stop Harper’s thirst for power over CBC

Petitions are seldom an effective method of achieving change, unless they are accompanied by other, more effective actions. No 738 Posted by fw, May 06, 2013 “If on-line petitioners and … Continue reading

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Obama urges citizens to tell 240 members of Congress there’s a price to pay for being a climate change denier

Video puts Congressional climate science ignorance on full display, reflecting, no doubt, the ignorance of the people who voted for these buffoons No 736 Posted by fw, May 05, 2013 … Continue reading

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Response to an activist thinking of closing her pro-Palestinian/anti-Zionist website, “My Catbird Seat”

Cook’s response is a plea “to all who would spend their lives devoted to the rights that give all meaning” No 735 Posted by fw, May 03, 2013 “I am … Continue reading

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New study implies Alberta and federal politicians gambling with Canadians’ environmental wellbeing

They’re playing fast and loose with the truth. Premier Redford’s greenwashing speeches “ring hollow” No 734 Posted by fw, May 03, 2013 “Pembina’s report lays bare how little progress has … Continue reading

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Pundit Allan Gregg’s “scary assessment of the Harper Government”

Instead of reason, Harper Tories encourage “prejudice, fear and wishful thinking” No 733 Posted by fw, May 01, 2013 “Alas… it seems as though our government’s use of evidence and … Continue reading

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