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Stunning video captures Nebraskans’ impassioned plea to stop Keystone XL

No 731 Posted by fw, April 28, 2013

On April 18th, people converged in Nebraska to speak out about the Keystone XL Pipeline at the State Department’s only public comment period. Farmers, ranchers, climate activists, and people of all stripes and colors spoke out in opposition to the pipeline.

One commenter on You Tube wrote this about the people’s testimony: “Actually, there were dozens and dozens of speakers from Nebraska (There were over 200 speakers and this hearing lasted for around 12 hours), the majority of whom opposed this pipeline…because a spill would destroy their jobs and their homes.

Speaking personally, this beautiful 2-minute video speaks volumes and words in print are hardly necessary. But for those who want to read the accompanying text from the original story, click on the SEE ALSO linked title below the video.


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