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Climate change is simple — Do something or we’re screwed

The brutal logic of climate change in a 15-minute video by Grist writer David Roberts

No 702 Posted by fw, March 21, 2013

“This talk was a consequence of me talking smack on Twitter. I said I could explain climate change in 15 minutes and was then invited to do so. D’oh! The challenge I took on was to convey the gist of my “brutal logic of climate change” post in a reasonably short amount of time, using as little scientific jargon as possible. Just: there is a problem that calls for urgent action. Business-as-usual means disaster.”David Roberts

So, it was a dare that inspired Roberts to put together a presentation showcased on TEDx. And deliver he did, with a cogent, succinct summary of all we need to know about climate change to scare the hell out of us. And Roberts acknowledges up front that dire warnings are more likely to scare people off than motivate them to take constructive action. Better to be scared and responsibly informed than to be blissful and ignorant. Or is it?

Enough said. To watch Roberts’ presentation on the Grist website, click on the following linked title. As an added bonus, you will also find there a full transcript of his talk, including his slides. Alternatively, an embedded version of the video is below.

Climate change is simple: We do something or we’re screwed [my TEDx video], by David Roberts, Grist, June 18, 2012

The following embedded video, Climate Change Is Simple – David Roberts Remix, was published on October 15, 2012. This video is to promote general awareness of the science of climate change. It features David Roberts of Grist, and short clips from around the web. Edited by @ryanlcooper. Find more of my stuff at Find David at 

To access a full transcript and slides of Roberts’ video presentation, click on Climate change is simple: We do something or we’re screwed [my TEDx video]


  • Welcome to the age of ‘wicked’ problems. Or, why fighting climate change is so difficult – posted June 28, 2012 — In this post, Jay Rosen, Associate Professor of Journalism, New York University, provides an introduction to wicked problems — what they are, why they are so damned difficult to resolve, and what kinds of people are best suited to work on them. For alarming proof of just how intractable wicked problems are, just look around you at the ongoing sorry state of global environmental and financial affairs.
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