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Climate justice needs radical demands backed up with nonviolent confrontational tactics asserts Quaker activist

Predictable feel-good rallies featuring platform speeches aren’t good enough anymore No 685 Posted by fw, February 28, 2013 “Predictable civil disobedience and feel-good rallies alone aren’t enough. Climate justice needs radical demands backed up … Continue reading

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Has the NDP sold its socialist soul for a shot at power in the 2015 election?

Former NDP election organizer, Michael Laxer, believes it has No 684 Posted by fw, February 25, 2013 “But Resolutionary Socialism has been dealt an even greater blow in that, as … Continue reading

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TV Ontario shelves powerful drama about 1940’s British Mandate of Palestine and its present-day aftermath

Following 2 cancellations in 2012, TVO again reneges on “likely” February 2013 airing No 682 Posted by fw, February 21, 2013 Background In the spring of 2012, The Promise, an … Continue reading

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Activists in the social movements have few expectations that the NDP will advance their causes, says Richard Fidler

Fidler’s article raises serious doubts about the NDP’s commitment to social and economic justice issues No 681 Posted by fw, February 19, 2013 “As for activists in the social movements, … Continue reading

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“Government’s climate policy firmly based on latest scientific evidence” — UK Energy and Climate Secretary

UK Minister takes dead aim at climate skeptics in speech to Royal Society No 680 Posted by fw, February 19, 2013 “It is fair to say that trust in politicians … Continue reading

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When children are dying of hunger, silence is not an option

A scene from the movies to stir the soul of any citizen activist No 679 Posted by fw, February 19, 2013 This is one of those “If only I could … Continue reading

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California farm community rise up against Canadian company’s plan to convert trash into energy

Opponents see through the company’s technological conversion process for what it really is — ‘incineration’ No 678 Posted by fw, February 18, 2013 “According to the nonprofit Global Alliance for … Continue reading

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Confusion and controversy abound in southern Ontario communities over Enbridge’s Line 9 proposal

Rural residents see Enbridge as a “good corporate citizen” and appreciate offers of financial support No 677 Posted by fw, February 17, 2013 Those remarkable folks at Hamilton’s Citizens at … Continue reading

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How refreshing – Video of meteorologist bluntly connecting climate change to extreme weather

2012 evidence confirms positive correlation between global natural catastrophes and climatological events 1980-2010 No 676 Posted by fw, February 14, 2013 “Climate scientists, most of them who have been working … Continue reading

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Activist Jeremy Scahill mocks John Brennan CIA confirmation hearing

Hearing chairperson Feinstein hosted “a show produced by the White House” No 675 Posted by fw, February 10, 2013 “…this Congress is totally asleep at the wheel when it comes … Continue reading

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Caleb Behn, young indigenous activist and recent law school grad, takes on Big Oil and Gas

Documentary filmmakers were so inspired by Caleb that they decided to produce a film about him. Watch the trailer here. No 674 Posted by fw, February 09, 2013 Caleb Behn … Continue reading

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Controversial talk at Brooklyn College calling for BDS sanctions against Israel a winning event

After making such a big fuss, turnout is small of those protesting the pro-sanctions event No 673 Posted by fw, February 09, 2013 “Omar Barghouti and Judith Butler delivered a … Continue reading

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UN can and must control two renegade states – US and Israel — warns US prof

Otherwise “their Nazi-like behavior over a prolonged period of years will negate all International laws in favor of those who will impose their power on the weak” No 672 Posted … Continue reading

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Harper government’s “double dealing” forces First Nations out of Northern Gateway Pipeline hearings

Not only is long hearing process unaffordable for First Nations, it is biased in Enbridge’s favour No 671 Posted by fw, February 06, 2013 “We had agreed to participate in … Continue reading

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NBC Nightly News: Network News for Dummies

In a 29 minute NBC Nightly News broadcast, a total of 13 news stories lasting just 19 minutes 47 seconds, bombarded viewers with 233 video or still images, with a … Continue reading

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