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US releases monster 1193-page “Draft Climate Assessment Report”

Report reveals “the full horror of what’s happening on our planet” – Guardian Editorial No 650 Posted by fw, January 14, 2013 The US National Climate Assessment Development Advisory Committee’s … Continue reading

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Queen’s University study finds evidence of increased contaminants and changes in Athabasca tar sands lake ecosystems

“Worrying”, says Queen’s biology professor John Smol No 649 Posted by fw, January 10, 2013 “Fifty years of Athabasca oil sands development has left a legacy of contaminants in lake … Continue reading

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Ravaged by climate change, Australian inferno goes from bad to worse

No deep cuts in carbon pollution expected without stronger movement for climate justice in 2013 No 648 Posted by fw, January 9, 2013 “Right now in Australia, we’re having record-breaking … Continue reading

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Profiles of 12 U.S. cities leading the way with reforms to combat climate change crisis

Municipalities fill huge leadership gap left by laggard federal government No 647 Posted by fw, January 8, 2013 More often than not city administrations wait for signals from the public … Continue reading

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Bill McKibben defends effectiveness of student-led divestment campaign targetted at fossil fuel industry

Michael Parenti commends the effort but questions the campaign’s overall strategy and tactics No 646 Posted by fw, January 7, 2013 “…not that we can bankrupt Exxon—we can’t—but that we … Continue reading

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