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Global Power Shift: Campaign to mobilize tens of thousands worldwide to take on climate crisis

Phase 1 is on June 10-17 in Istanbul where young activists will meet, train, and share skills and stories

No 619 Posted by fw, November 21, 2012

Global Power Shift is a project of and its partners. For an overview of the campaign, click on Global Power Shift.

And to read the November 21, 2012 news release announcing the project, click on LET’S SHIFT THE POWER.

Better yet, read the news release right here —

Dear friends,

It’s time to try something new.

The last few weeks have seen some remarkable movement activity — the US Do the Math tour, India Beyond Coal, and the Arab Youth Climate Movement. These efforts have been game-changing in their own right. They are mobilizing tens of thousands of people worldwide.

While we’ve made inspiring progress, nothing we’ve done so far as a movement has been quite large enough. That’s the hard truth. To take on this planetary climate crisis, we need to create truly transformative change.

That’s why today we’re publicly calling for a Global Power Shift. Click to learn more.

Global Power Shift (GPS) will be a multi-pronged project to scale up our movement and establish a new course like never seen before. The basic plan is this:

  • In June of 2013, 500 of us will gather in Turkey — from leaders to the grassroots
  • We’ll train in grassroots and digital organizing, share skills with one another, and tell our stories
  • Attendees will then return to their home countries in teams to organize mobilizations
  • These national or regional events will be launch pads for new, highly coordinated campaigns targeting political and corporate levers of power
  • Ultimately, our hope is that this will catalyze real action to address the climate crisis

In other words, 2013 is going to be our biggest year yet:

Not everyone will be able to attend the gathering in Istanbul, so we’re asking interested individuals to apply. This will ensure that the most committed folks are able to attend and see through the full GPS vision — from Turkey to national mobilizations worldwide. And regardless of whether you’re selected to come to the event in Turkey, we’ll need all hands on deck to be a part of the organizing that will take place in many countries throughout 2013.

Power Shift was established in the US in 2007. Since then it has mobilized thousands of youth and received national attention. We’ve never undertaken a project like this before, but believe now is the time to take it worldwide. We hope you’ll join us.

Let’s shift the power!

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