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Bill McKibben goes toe-to-toe with conservative climate deniers — ever-serious Bill even gets laughs

Host comedian Bill Mayer gets some laughs of his own at the expense of the head-in-the-sand deniers

No 591 Posted by fw October 11, 2012

At one point Maher asks the two conservative climate deniers: “Does it bother you when we’re the only country that has a conservative party that calls it a hoax?” And immediately popping into my mind was this thought — Harper’s Conservatives may not call climate change a ‘hoax’, they just act as if it is.

Anyway, watch the 12-minute video – it’s a hoot, especially when the audience cheers Bill and jeers the deniers

Note: The YouTube video of McKibben vs deniers is no longer available for embedding. However it is still available for viewing externally at Just click on the following hyperlinked title. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Bill McKibben vs Climate Deniers on Bill Maher, published Oct 10, 2012 by 350org

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