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Three activists discuss the challenges of building a citizens’ movement in Baltimore

Engrossing conversation — Includes practical tips on movement building of interest to all activists No 601 Posted by fw October 30, 2012 In the following 15:40-minute embedded video, editors of … Continue reading

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Harper’s bullies demand resignation of UN Rapporteur for boycott call of companies profiting from illegal Israel settlements

Harper regime’s morally repugnant pro-Israeli policy once again on full display for all responsibly informed Canadians to see No 600 Posted by fw October 29, 2012 In his report to … Continue reading

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Amazing International Co-op Summit in Quebec: Explores ways to exploit failures of global economic system, and more

With 2800 delegates, and 91 countries represented, the conference reflected the impact that co-operatives have worldwide: some one billion members No 599 Posted by fw October 24, 2012 Report from … Continue reading

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Decades of work by California activists finally pays off with Human Right to Water Bill

This Bill was truly the first citizen-led effort in a U.S. state to recognize this basic right No 598 Posted by fw October 23, 2012 “For years, grassroots activists, community … Continue reading

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Legal complaint filed in Turkey against Israel for seizure in international waters of Gaza-bound Estelle

No 597 Posted by fw October 23, 2012 The following news release from the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation was excerpted from an article appearing in today’s The Electronic Intifada. Kudos … Continue reading

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Massive anti-austerity protest: Britain’s workers rise up, speak out, bring London to standstill — Again

Cameron unmoved — Again No 596 Posted by fw October 22, 2012 “100 thousand workers march on the capital as unions warn austerity isn’t working and threaten a general strike … Continue reading

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The activist’s paradox: To answer the call to act to relieve human suffering without drowning in the suffering

No 595 Posted by fw October 20, 2012 “As my awareness gets rooted in deeper and deeper understanding, my life just automatically becomes one of any act to relieve suffering … Continue reading

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Everything you need to know about the latest climate science findings but were afraid to ask

“We must pay any price or bear any burden to stop catastrophic climate change.” —Joe Romm No 594 Posted by fw October 16, 2012 Thanks to Joe Romm, expert editor … Continue reading

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As public opposition to tar sands pipeline grows, Enbridge withdraws request to speak to Hamilton councillors

Opponents rallying to protest proposal to ship tar sands through Hamilton with or without Council’s help No 593 Posted by fw October 14, 2012 “…the city has no jurisdictional authority … Continue reading

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Major Canadian and US oil companies conspired behind closed doors to keep pipeline proposal risks from public

ExxonMobil and Enbridge major players in plan to pipe corrosive tar sands oil from Alberta to Maine (to China?) No 592 Posted by fw October 12, 2012 “On the Canadian … Continue reading

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Bill McKibben goes toe-to-toe with conservative climate deniers — ever-serious Bill even gets laughs

Host comedian Bill Mayer gets some laughs of his own at the expense of the head-in-the-sand deniers No 591 Posted by fw October 11, 2012 At one point Maher asks … Continue reading

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Read it here — Executive Summary of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, New York Session

The session, held on October 6-7, 2012, focused on the responsibility of the United States and the United Nations regarding the Israeli breaches of international law towards Palestine No 590 … Continue reading

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Stop west coast Pipelines and Tankers – Be a coastal defender at sit-in October 22, 2012, Victoria, BC

Show Harper the widespread opposition to his tar sands pipelines and tanker proposals No 588 Posted by fw October 9, 2012 Sign up online at to participate and become … Continue reading

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The not-so-great debate: Obama, “astonishingly bad”; Romney, “full of cant and hypocrisy” —Leo Panitch

“The debate: a masterful liar defeats a man without conviction” —Paul Jay No 586 Posted by fw October 4, 2012 “Romney’s defense of small banks, small businesses and the middle … Continue reading

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Chris Hedges looks at American politics and concludes “we’re in deep, deep trouble”

Neither Obama nor Romney is going to wrest control from corporate forces. That’s up to us. No 585 Posted by fw October 3, 2012 “So I think all of our … Continue reading

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Activists hope 1.9 million petitions calling for overturn of Citizens United will be too big to ignore

Growing grassroots movement to take back government from special interest elites No 584 Posted by fw October 1, 2012 This post is a tribute to a coalition of dozens of … Continue reading

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