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Compilation video turns US media “news reports” of XL pipeline job estimates into hilarious mockery

Lying continues to be as American as apple pie No 563 Posted by fw September 5, 2012 With news reporting like that featured in the video below, is it any … Continue reading

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Spain’s “Robin Hood” mayor leads growing movement against austerity in desperate struggle for survival

This is just the beginning of what organizers hope to be an explosion of demonstrations throughout the country. No 562 Posted by fw September 4, 2012 “The spending cuts are … Continue reading

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Death of Rachel Corrie — Electronic Intifada catches BBC with its facts down — again

BBC presenters and Israeli government spokesperson cast doubt on events surrounding Rachel’s death No 561 Posted by fw September 2, 2012 “It is, indeed, extraordinary, as extraordinary as Kearney’s claim … Continue reading

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Yves Engler’s plan to mobilize grassroots people power to “Stop Harper’s Crimes Against Humanity”

“We absolutely need to shake Canadians from their complacency” No 560 Posted by fw September 1, 2012 “I propose a multi-issue network be established with a countrywide popular education campaign … Continue reading

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