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Aussie activist Miranda Gibson goes all out – and up – in anti-logging protest

As of today, Miranda has lived high up in a tree in a Tasmanian forest for 298 days No 583 Posted by fw September 29, 2012 Watch a 4:27-minute video … Continue reading

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Alice Walker’s “Democratic Womanism”: Where women rise to take their place at the helm

“Women allied with men brave enough to stand with women” No 582 Posted by fw September 29, 2012 In an appearance on Democracy Now, Alice Walker, the celebrated author of … Continue reading

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One Billion Rising – A haunting, inspiring video about a groundbreaking movement to end violence against women

Watch, too, an interview with Eve Ensler, the American who is launching this global strike No 581 Posted by fw September 29, 2012 Women are making a difference. The right … Continue reading

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In UN address, Assange mocks Obama’s “audaciousness”, exposing the duplicity of the president’s “fine words”

“It is time for President Obama do the right thing, and join the forces of change, not in fine words but in fine deeds.” No 580 Posted by fw September … Continue reading

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Ecojustice Canada taking federal government to court for not following own law

Feds failing to fulfill legal responsibility to protect at-risk species along Northern Gateway shipping route No 579 Posted by fw September 27, 2012 Kudos to Ecojustice Canada for this admirable … Continue reading

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Freedom and democracy come from the spaces we create inside the struggle – Tim Gee

Any activist who stays an activist long enough must confront the question of effectiveness No 578 Posted by fw September 26, 2012 “But a revolution isn’t just an event, it’s … Continue reading

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Intensive research refutes US claim drone attacks are surgically precise with minimal collateral damage

Report recommends US conduct fundamental re-evaluation of targeted killing practices No 577 Posted by fw September 25, 2012 “Based on extensive interviews with Pakistanis living in the regions directly affected, … Continue reading

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Ontario government failing to inform and consult citizens re its environmental decisions

Can Ecojustice Canada make a difference with its commitment to “working to ensure that public’s right to a healthy environment is fully respected”? No 576 Posted by fw September 24, 2012 … Continue reading

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Canadian parliament debates climate change policies: Absolute insanity on two fronts

“The ultimate irony” — MP Elizabeth May on the climate debate in the House. But it’s actually worse than ironical — it’s insane. No 575 Posted by fw September 23, … Continue reading

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Texas family loses court battle against TransCanada: 15-word decision sent from judge’s iPhone

Julia Trigg Crawford, a farmer, plans appeal No 573 Posted by fw September 21, 2012 A sad update to my August 6, 2012 post, Over $45,000 raised to help Texas … Continue reading

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Israel’s new low of moral depravity – Terrorizing children as means to drive families out of Palestine

In defence of targeting children, Israeli military prosecutors use justification similar to that used by Nazis No 572 Posted by fw September 19, 2012 “The American administration is giving Israel … Continue reading

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“We need YOU to participate in the Occupy change movement” –Activist filmmaker

“All that is required is the willingness to see the world as it is and decide that you were going to be part of the solution.” No 571 Posted by … Continue reading

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Truth about Israel’s vile role in 1982 Sabra-Shatila massacre of Palestinians

Facts need testimony to be remembered No 570 Posted by fw September 18, 2012 Factual truths are never compellingly true. The historian knows how vulnerable is the whole texture of … Continue reading

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The inherent contradictions of truth

We say we value truth but favour our own version of it No 569 Posted by fw September 16, 2012 “There are no facts, only interpretations.”  ―Friedrich Nietzsche Continuing with … Continue reading

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Why Truth Matters

No 568 Posted by fw September 15, 2012 “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” ―Aldous Huxley, Complete Essays 2, 1926-29 In my post The politics of flagrant lying … Continue reading

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Wishful thinking can lead political activists into the quicksand of false beliefs

No 567 Posted by fw September 13, 2012 Any political analysis that is at all reformist in its views is likely to include an element of wishful thinking. And wishful … Continue reading

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The politics of flagrant lying in U.S. elections

Campaigns make a tactical decision that even when something is false sometimes they’re just going to keep repeating it No 566 Posted by fw September 10, 2012 “By the time … Continue reading

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Obama’s double-talk acceptance speech exposed: Pseudo-populism for general public, unfettered capitalism for ruling elite

Obama, master of the rhetorical sleight of hand No 565 Posted by fw September 8, 2012 Thanks to the activist World Socialist Web Site for exposing President Obama’s acceptance speech for … Continue reading

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Elizabeth May rips apart Enbridge’s project proposal in submission to Gateway Joint Review Panel

Provides withering 14-point rebuttal of Enbridge’s pipeline proposal No 564 Posted by fw September 5, 2012 With added subheadings and hypertext links, below is my re-post of Elizabeth May’s submission … Continue reading

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