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Video: Yet another example of Israeli police brutality against defenseless Palestinian

Even Jewish children and their families begged the police to stop

No 553, Posted by fw, August 26, 2012

I will continue to re-post stories of Israeli injustice towards, and brutality against, Palestinians as long as the pro-Israeli mainstream media in Canada, the U.S. and Europe continue to ignore, censor or distort the truth.

According to Haaretz [Israeli newspaper], “The Taser is meant to aid policemen in controlling suspects until they are handcuffed, and its use is prohibited from that moment on. But the films prove that the policemen continued shocking Siad in front of the other bathers even after he was handcuffed and could not have presented any danger to them.”

Tortured in broad daylight: Israel police repeatedly electrocute handcuffed Palestinian father, submitted by Ali Abunimah to The Electronic Intifada, August, 24, 2012

Video posted on YouTube shows Israeli police repeatedly shocking a helpless Palestinian man at a Tel Aviv Water Park as horrified people look on.

The man, Talal Siad, 42, is seen writhing on the ground in agony as a uniformed Israeli police officer fires a taser-like weapon directly at him. Another Israeli then places handcuffs on Siad, before he is shocked again repeatedly. At no point, the 1:17 video shows, does he present any danger to anyone.

Siad was attacked, he said, because he challenged police over harsh treatment of other Palestinians in the park.

Day at the water park turns traumatic

According to a report by Diala Jweihan on the website, the incident occurred on 21 August around 10:30 AM when Siad and his family and several other families from the al-Tur neighborhood of eastern occupied Jerusalem went to the park for a day out to celebrate the Eid al-Fitr holiday marking the end of Ramadan.

Siad told that he was carrying his three year-old son Zain al-Din to take him swimming when he observed a large number of police mistreating a young man also from al-Tur, spraying him with pepper spray and electric shocks at close range. Siad said he put his son down in order to go talk to the police but that they immediately attacked him with electric shocks and pepper spray.

Siad said the attack on him “spread horror and fear among the children and women from Jerusalem, as well Jewish children and their families who begged the police to stop what they were doing in front of children.”

The life of a Jerusalemite means nothing

Siad said that as he was being attacked, his three-year old son screamed, “the police are killing baba!”

“The life of a Jerusalemite [Palestinian] means nothing to the Israeli occupation,” Siad told, “and had I not been in front of the eyes of everyone in the water park, they would have fired a bullet at my head and then the occupation would have claimed to have fired in self-defense.”

Siad’s comment recalls the fate of Ziad Jilani, shot dead in broad daylight by a massive fusillade by Israeli occupation police in eastern occupied Jerusalem on 11 June 2010 as he came home from prayer so that he and his American wife Moira and three daughters could go out for a day at the beach.

Siad also challenged Israeli police claims that they were responding to a major brawl between two Palestinian families related to a longstanding feud, saying that a few young men from the same family, which he named, were involved in little more than horseplay as they swam.


According to Haaretz, “The Taser is meant to aid policemen in controlling suspects until they are handcuffed, and its use is prohibited from that moment on. But the films prove that the policemen continued shocking Siad in front of the other bathers even after he was handcuffed and could not have presented any danger to them.”

Haaretz report begins:

A Palestinian resident of East Jerusalem complained to the Justice Ministry department that investigates police misconduct on Thursday after a police officer shocked him five times with an electric stun gun in front of his five children on Tuesday.

The Palestinian, 42-year-old Talal Siad of the A-Tur neighborhood, was shot while out with his family at a Tel Aviv water park celebrating the Id al-Fitr holiday. Siad checked himself into the hospital suffering from burns and nausea.

The incident took place after Tel Aviv police were called to Meymadion Water Park to control a brawl. Officers used pepper spray to subdue one of the participants. Siad, who was not involved in the brawl, attracted the officers’ attention by telling them they were using the irritant too freely.

“I was there with my family, my five children and my wife; we went out to have fun on our holiday,” he told Haaretz. “Suddenly there was a confrontation between a few security men and kids who were fighting among themselves. The officers wanted to arrest the boy who was seen naked in the closed-circuit television system. He fell down and they sprayed him in the face. “I saw them repeat that action several times, and then got up with my 3-year-old in my arms and shouted at them to stop. I told the policeman, ‘What are you doing? You’re killing those kids,’ and he told me to leave. I said, ‘You’re being unreasonable, you go away.’”

In response, Siad said, the policemen threatened him with the Taser. “I shouted, ‘Do you want to shoot me?’ and then he shot me in the stomach,’” Siad added.

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