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No 527 Posted by fw, July 19, 2012

The Arctic ice we all depend on is disappearing. Fast.

Take action and #tellshell to get out of the Arctic!

Blogpost by Diego Creimer – July 16, 2012

Shell has spent 4.5 billion dollars buying its way into the Arctic, and the moment of truth has arrived. Right now, two giant drilling vessels are preparing to exploit melting sea ice to drill for more of the oil that is warming our planet in the first place.

Our politicians are not listening – they care more about the CEOs of fossil fuel companies than they do about us.

The only thing that can stop them is people power, and we have over 850,000 names on our Arctic scroll ready to join us in the fight to Save the Arctic. To add your name to the scroll, click here

It’s time to take back the power and show what ordinary people can do.

This time of actions is all about your creativity against corporate greed. The little guys against the giants. Greenpeace will take on Shell across the world but we can’t win this one without you. Because of this we are going to share the tactics Greenpeace has collected over the past 40 years. It’s up to you whether you use them or make up new ones – it’s over to you!

It doesn’t matter exactly what you do as long as you join in. Whether it is hosting parties, hanging on the telephone, rocking social media, creative brand jacking or getting down to some good old fashioned protest we need you to #tellshell to get out of the Arctic.

Want to join all these activists?

We will admit that we do have a few surprises planned for the next days but we want you to be the first to know. Keep checking your emails, the Greenpeace website and Facebook and twitter during the week. These are the moments when we can all join together around the world to #tellshell what we think of them. We promise to make sure your messages cannot be ignored!

This is just the start, but with a growing global movement –people like you and me- drawing a line in the ice and saying: you come no further: we can get Shell out of the Arctic.

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