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Canadian scientists accuse Harper of a “war on knowledge” at protest rally in Ottawa

Mock funeral on Parliament Hill to mark “the death of evidence,”

No 522 Posted by fw, July 11, 2012

“It’s not about saving money. It’s about imposing ideology. What’s happening here is that the government has an ideological agenda to develop the Canadian economy based on the extraction of oil out of the Alberta tar sands as quickly as possible and sell it as fast as it can, come hell and high water, and eliminate any barriers that stand in their way.” Andrew Weaver, climate scientist. (Source: Canada’s PM Stephen Harper faces revolt by scientists by Suzanne Goldenberg,, July 9, 2012)

The Death of Evidence Rally on Parliament Hill. Published on Jul 11, 2012 by Teresa Smith.

Scientists from across Canada staged a mock funeral on Parliament Hill July 10, 2012 to mark what they called “the death of evidence,” protesting the Conservative government’s funding cuts to basic research.

Katie Gibbs, Diane Orihel and Dr. Arme Moores, Death of Evidence. Recorded for StraightGoodsNews by Samantha Bayard on Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Katie Gibbs, rally organizer and PhD student in the Biology department of the University of Ottawa describes the reasons for the protest/ funeral, Diane Orihel, a PhD student in Biological Sciences dressed as a widow spoke of the experimental lakes area (ELA) and Dr. Arme Moores, Professor of Biodiversity at Simon Fraser University discussed the importance of remaining informed adults on the world stage at a march for the Death of Evidence


  • Scientists stage mock funeral to protest cuts to research, by Teresa Smith, Postmedia News, July 11, 2012. Scientists from across the country staged a mock funeral on Parliament Hill Tuesday to mark what they called “the death of evidence,” protesting government funding cuts to basic research. Carrying signs accusing the Harper government of a “war on knowledge,” an estimated 2,000 scientists and their supporters walked through the streets of the capital behind a black casket carrying the “body of evidence.”
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