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Canada’s tar sands oil isn’t welcome in America: That’s the message of Sierra Club’s animated video

No 500 Posted by fw, June 09, 2012

It’s Time to Move America Beyond Oil

The Sierra Club has just released The Dirtiest Oil on Earth, an animated video on the dangers of tar sands crude and pipelines transporting the world’s dirtiest oil from Alberta, Canada, through the U.S.

“With Joshua Jackson’s help, the public will come to understand that the price Big Oil wants us to pay in our health and environment is far too high and that America draws the line at tar sands oil,” says Michael Brune, Sierra Club executive director. “Tar sands oil and pipelines like Keystone XL are front page news, but the bigger point is being lost. This project tells the real story of tar sands oil, climate disruption and political influence.”

The Sierra Club Beyond Oil Campaign’s goal is to block the most dangerous oil projects (Keystone XL, Enbridge Gateway, Trailbreaker pipelines) and revoke the oil industry’s license to operate above the law and interfere with our transition to a clean energy future.

Here’s Sierra Club’s 1:38-min video followed by my transcript —

Tar Sands Pipelines: the Dirtiest Oil on Earth, published on Jun 5, 2012 by NationalSierraClub


Oil companies want to build pipelines across America to carry tar sands crude from Canada to our coasts. The truth is these proposed pipelines won’t bring oil to America, they bring oil through America. The asphalt-like tar sands are mined from Canada’s northern boreal forests. Oil companies have to heat the tar sands with toxic additives generating massive greenhouse gas pollutions and dumping cancer-causing chemicals into the air and water.

Tar sands is the dirtiest oil on earth, The heavy tar sands crude is pumped at extreme pressures and temperatures. On top of that, sand and chemical mixture corrodes steel and existing US tar sands pipeline failed 12 times in its first 12 months of operation. That’s a spill a month. Spills pollute waterways and critical underground aquifers and can put crops and the drinking water for Americans as risk.

Oil companies use legal intimidation to force dangerous pipelines on landowners who don’t want them. The Canadian tar sands crude is destined to US coastal refineries releasing more cancer-causing chemicals. The fuel would be largely exported overseas. Americans take on all the risks while oil companies collect all the rewards. Huge profits that Big Oil uses to buy more influence in Washington DC.

Moving America beyond oil isn’t that difficult. With smart transportation choices including vehicles powered by clean advanced technology we can achieve real energy independence, long-term national security and create jobs. We need to draw the line at tar sands. The world’s dirtiest oil isn’t welcome here.


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