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Transition Streets program promotes local energy solutions, cuts emissions, saves money, builds friendships

“I dipped my toe in and found I became green aware by accident.” —Transition Streets participant No 470 Posted by fw, May 7, 2012 “Transition Streets helps neighbours get together … Continue reading

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How Quebec students mobilized North America’s largest strike movement

Three strike leaders share their best advice to students in Canada, the US and beyond No 469 Posted by fw, May 4, 2012 “You only need a spark to light … Continue reading

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Many of US public have poor understanding of climate science. How come?

Proportion of US public and policymakers who reject the science has grown. No 468 Posted by fw, May 3, 2012 “Climate researchers know that the case for human-induced climate change … Continue reading

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British Columbians for Climate Action inform Warren Buffet of their plan to block his coal train

Action to be taken May 5 as part of Climate Impacts Day No 467 Posted by fw, May 1, 2012 “[Mr Buffet] We know that you have canceled plans to … Continue reading

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