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Moms fight for their kids at EPA hearing — “Protect our kids, reduce carbon pollution”

“It is wrong for power plants to make kids sick.” No 489 Posted by fw, May 27, 2012 “Yesterday I pulled a red wagon through the streets of Washington, DC, … Continue reading

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Ignoring expressed concerns of 1.4 million citizens, Obama approves Arctic drilling

Obama’s White House has drifted further from its earlier posture as an environmentally concerned administration No 488 Posted by fw, May 26, 2012 Just how many millions of concerned citizens … Continue reading

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Want to make a difference? Read how one man did in this inspiring personal narrative

It’s enormously reassuring to find that others share your concerns No 487 Posted by fw, May 24, 2012 “Your ideas for changing the world may feel desperately important. They may … Continue reading

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Canada’s Green Party’s petition against Harper’s “Environmental Devastation Act” raises the question: How effective are petitions?

No 486 Posted by fw, May 23, 2012 Today, just after posting this piece In Quebec, massive counterpower movement of students and citizens in showdown against government, I checked my email … Continue reading

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In Quebec, massive counterpower movement of students and citizens in showdown against government

Largest protest ever recorded in Quebec history No 485 Posted by fw, May 23, 2012 “Last week, the government of Quebec enacted a dangerous bill, Bill 78, which represents a … Continue reading

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Enbridge applies to pipe “highly corrosive” tar sands oil through Hamilton to Maine and on to China via supertankers

Given growing opposition to Northern Gateway, using existing pipeline connections could prove easier for Enbridge to win required approvals No 484 Posted by fw, May 22, 2012 “Alberta media…are pointing out that … Continue reading

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Did US State Dept, Big Oil and Big Media conspire to cover-up BP 2008 Caspian Sea blowout disaster?

“I think they’d [Obama administration] like to keep a lid on the whole thing.” No 483 Posted by fw, May 21, 2012 “BP has never admitted that there was another … Continue reading

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How the American progressive movement can achieve power. (Canadian progressives please take note)

You can’t forever be a protest movement. At some point you have to take power. No 482 Posted by fw, May 20, 2012 “The reason that the progressives are on … Continue reading

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People’s movements extend democracy, not military force, says decorated war veteran

Decorated veteran Aaron Hughes will return war medals at anti-NATO protest No 481 Posted by fw, May 19, 2012 “Every day in this country 18 veterans are committing suicide. Seventeen … Continue reading

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Canada’s “Black Out Speak Out” campaign – Sorry, but I don’t get it

This campaign breaks two cardinal best-campaign-planning practices No 480 Posted by fw, May 18, 2012 “On June 4th, Canada’s major environmental organizations, together with leading charities, unions, bloggers, and others … Continue reading

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Chris Hedges defeats Obama in monumental federal court ruling blocking indefinite detention

“Finally, we have a federal judge who stands up for the rule of law.” No 479 Posted by fw, May 18, 2012 “This is a never-ending battle. The security and … Continue reading

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Teen perseveres after her petition for immediate action on climate change is rejected by Iowa’s natural resources protection agency

Undaunted, Glori’s case is now working its way through Iowa’s courts No 478 Posted by fw, May 16, 2012 To find out more about 13-year old Glori Dei Filippone, from … Continue reading

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Elizabeth May rips Harper’s “Environmental Devastation Act” as “worst of all bills” in House speech

“Laws this bad take some explanation.” No 477 Posted by fw, May 15, 2012 Ms May’s May 11, 2012 speech in the House of Commons, posted below, appeared on her … Continue reading

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Bill McKibben reflects on Keystone-related developments and on “how to take on the bad guys”

“We frankly don’t yet know how this all is going to play out — and it’s frustrating as hell.” No 476 Posted by fw, May 14, 2012 “I don’t know … Continue reading

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Letter to infant daughter from hunger-striking Palestinian prisoner

No 475 Posted by fw, May 13, 2012 Thaer Halahleh’s letter to his daughter: “My Beloved Lamar…Forgive me” submitted by Linah Saafin, to The Electronic Intifada, on May 12, 2012 … Continue reading

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Vancouver commemoration to mark 1948 Jewish occupation of Palestine and forced exodus of est. 800,000 Palestinians

The 1948 exodus is known in Arabic as the Nakba, meaning “disaster”, “catastrophe” or “cataclysm” No 474 Posted by fw, May 13, 2012 The following notice is reposted from Samidoun: … Continue reading

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Banks, corrupt politicians and mainstream media have convinced people there are no alternatives to austerity

But there are many alternatives. Just don’t look to mainstream media for them No 473 Posted by fw, May 10, 2012 “The finance sector has started a lot of think … Continue reading

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Portland Oregon citizens-cum-activists reject “cuts only” solutions to recession, push for revenue generation

“Those who caused the recession must be made to pay for it.” No 472 Posted by fw, May 9, 2012 “Raising new taxes on the wealthy and corporations has been … Continue reading

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Elizabeth May skewers Harper & Co. in hilarious derision of infamous budget bill

“None of this is funny. It is an outrage. PLEASE, if you are angry, say so.” No 471 Posted by fw, May 8, 2012 Elizabeth May has flair, one of … Continue reading

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