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How many climate-change deniers does it take to change a light bulb?

None. They’d all rather live in the dark.

No 456 Posted by fw, April 10, 2012

Which line are you in?

Don’t be caught in the dark with the rest of the deniers.

Since the failure of the Copenhagen climate talks in 2009 and the ‘Climategate’ debacle of early 2010, media interest in climate science has declined, and the public has become somewhat more skeptical about the reliability and validity of the science. Yet the evidence base itself has only become more robust in that time. Conveying the certainties and uncertainties of climate science to the public – through a media that has become much more polarized about the subject – is a recurrent challenge for citizens who strive to be responsibly informed.

So, if you prefer to be enlightened about climate change, scoot on over to the UK-based Public Interest Research Centre for a free download of its handy-dandy 27-page Climate Factsheets.

Each briefing contextualizes the issue in question, summarizes the background science, and addresses common objections raised by skeptics. Drawing on the latest peer-reviewed studies, they are intended to be a solid, reliable and concise guide for campaigners wishing to communicate climate science with accuracy and confidence.

This collection takes the latest scientific research and translates it into practical factsheets on a wide range of climate change topics, ensuring that you have easy access to the best available empirical evidence, packaged in a way that facilitates sharing with others.

Here’s what’s included in PIRC’s Climate Factsheets

About PIRC
Table of Contents

Arctic Sea Ice
El Nino
Snow and Cold
Species Extinction
The Seasons

Photo Credits
More on PIRC

About PIRC

The Public Interest Research Centre is an independent charity studying and communicating vital global issues. Its work examines the connections between climate, energy and economics.

It is accomplished at presenting science to non-scientists, including policy makers. With the knowledge and experience to interpret cutting-edge research, and the skills to build it into effective communications tools, PIRC provides a bridge between those at the forefront of climate science research and wider audiences.

This organization has a 40 year record of catalytic research, championing the public interest and informing government policy.

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