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Harper’s slash and burn budget exposed in eye-popping raw numbers — And we do mean “raw” as in “cruel and unfair”

$13 billion in lost revenue thanks to Harper’s generous corporate tax cuts

No 453 Posted by fw, April 8, 2012

Thanks to the Canadian Centre for Policy AlternativesTrish Hennessy who has long been a fan of Harper Magazine’s one-page list of eye-popping statistics, Harper’s Index. Instead of wishing for a Canadian version to magically appear, she’s created her own index — a monthly listing of numbers about Canada and its place in the world. Hennessy’s Index — A number is never just a number — comes out at the beginning of each month.

Here is Trish’s latest contribution to the cause of unmasking “Darth” Harper —

Federal Budget 2012: Death by 1,000 Cuts by Trish Hennessy, April 1, 2012

$5.2 billion 

Annual cost of most recent round of public service cuts when fully implemented, as announced in 2012 federal budget. (Source)

$13 billion

Amount of yearly revenue lost to the Harper government’s corporate tax cuts in 2012-13. (Source)


Estimated number of real job cuts over the next three years due to federal austerity measures. (Source)


Number of years since Senator Jacques Hebert went on a hunger strike to protest the Mulroney government’s attempt to defund Katimavik, Canada’s largest youth volunteer program. He saved the program then, but the 2012 budget kills Katimavik. (Source)


Number of years youth employment centres have operated in Canada. The Harper government is closing the centres, despite the reality that youth unemployment is double Canada’s official unemployment rate. (Source)

$20 million

Amount of cuts to Environment Canada in 2012/13, rising to $88 million in cuts in 2014/15. (Source)

$33.9 million

Amount of cuts to Statistics Canada’s budget in 2012/13. (Source)


Amount of funding the National Council of Welfare, the First Nations Statistical Council and the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy can expect from the Harper government, which will stop funding these institutions at the end of this fiscal year. (Source)


Percentage of the CBC’s budget that has been cut this year. (Source)


Percentage of cuts to Canadian international aid agency Development and Peace’s budget this year. (Source)

$1.5 million

Amount of money that just one charity — the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation — makes from donated pennies every year. The Harper government has announced it is taking Canada’s penny out of circulation. (Source)

7 to 1

Amount by which spending cuts outstrip new spending measures in Canada’s 2012 federal budget. (Source)

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