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How one small community is raising public awareness about climate change issues

Small Ontario community hosts talk by Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

No 446 Posted by fw, March 29, 2012

In a November 2011 post I spotlighted Eden Mills, a small Ontario village that was about to launch an ambitious goal to become the first village in North America to achieve carbon neutrality: Small Ontario community leads the way to goal of carbon neutrality.

Well, Eden Mills is back in the news again. On Thursday, April 12, 2012, the village will host a talk by Gord Miller, the Environmental Minister of Ontario. What a great way for a small community to raise local and regional public awareness about the impact of climate change on Ontario’s biodiversity challenge — invite a big fish to a small pond. You never know — they might say yes.

Once again, we salute Eden Mills for leading the way.

Here’s Eden Mills’ announcement with complete details of the event.


Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner, Gord Miller, To Speak in Eden Mills


“We could lose sugar maple trees from southern Ontario. We could lose black spruce in northern Ontario. We already have a major crisis in our fisheries in the Great Lakes.

These are real — real problems.”

The Biodiversity Challenge Due to Climate Change in Ontario” is the title of the timely presentation Gord Miller, the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, will give in Eden Mills on Thursday, April 12 at 7:30 pm in the Eden Mills Community Hall.

All are welcome.

Anyone interested in learning about the very real consequences of our warming climate as it is affecting bio-diversity on our doorstep will want to attend. In his role as the province’s environmental watchdog, Gord Miller is outspoken and direct when he addresses the issues and points to the urgency of immediate constructive action.

“Ontario’s biodiversity is inextricably linked with the quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the soils we depend upon for our food, and the lands and waters upon which we depend for our natural resources and livelihoods.” Biodiversity – A Nation’s Commitment, an Obligation for Ontario Special Report, January, 2012. The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO) is an independent officer of the Legislative Assembly, overseeing 13 ministries and reporting annually to the Assembly – not to the governing party or to provincial ministries. His responsibilities include the monitoring of:

  • Government compliance with the provisions of the Environmental Bill of Rights;
  • Government progress on reducing greenhouse gas emissions; and
  • Activities in Ontario to reduce the use or make more efficient use of electricity, natural gas, propane, oil and transportation fuels.

Prior to his appointment as Environmental Commissioner in January 2000, Miller, a graduate of the University of Guelph worked as a scientist in pollution abatement and in environmental education and training.

Miller’s presentation is of vital interest to Eden Mills, a community which aims to be the first carbon neutral village in North America. In addition, the Village, through the Eden Mills Millpond Conservation Association, is dedicated to protecting the Eramosa River’s natural habitat on the site of the 170-year-old Millpond, a unique wetland area within the Province and an outstanding example of a wetland habitat with extreme bio-diversity. For example, all of the frogs native to Ontario can be found here.

Gord Miller’s visit is sponsored by Eden Mills Going Carbon Neutral and the Natural World Speaker’s Series.

“Only when you engage solutions by trying something does the full potential of human ingenuity and creativity kick in.”

Gord Miller, Engaging Solutions Annual Report 2010/11 [In his 2010/2011 Annual Report “Engaging Solutions” released today, Nov, 29, 2011, Gord Miller says there’s no shortage of talk about the problems such as climate change, waste diversion, and the loss of biodiversity. “But when it comes to doing something” says Miller, “there doesn’t seem to be a lot actually happening.]

Presentation details:

Thursday, April 12, 2012, 7:30 pm

Eden Mills Community Hall, 108 York Street, Eden Mills

Information and Media contact: Linda Sword 519-853-1896

For further information on the Environmental Commissioner’s Office:

For further information on Eden Mills Going Carbon Neutral:


  • Biodiversity: A Nation’s Commitment, an Obligation for Ontario. Uploaded by EcoComms on Jan 3, 2012. This Special Report by Gord Miller, the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, highlights the nature of the Government of Ontario’s obligations with regard to the Aichi Targets and how the Aichi Targets can be tailored for use by our provincial ministries.
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