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Small Ontario community leads the way to goal of carbon neutrality – Way To Go Eden Mills!

No 345 Posted by fw, November 25, 2011

Eden Mills summer day in the park

Just over four years ago, on November 7, 2007, Eden Mills, a small Ontario village about an hour’s drive west of Toronto, launched an ambitious goal to become the first village in North America to achieve carbon neutrality. “We are engaging in a grassroots initiative to tackle the urgent issue of a warming planet. We want our children and grandchildren to know that we not only cared but tried to do something.” 

On Tuesday of this week, November 22, Eden Mills announced in a media release that the community has been awarded an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant of $120,000 and an incentive loan from the Wellington-Waterloo Community Futures Development Corporation of $50,000. Details regarding how the money will be used on the road to carbon neutrality are provided in a copy of the media release, posted below.

But first, here’s a charming 90-second promotional video, Eden Mills Going Carbon Neutral Initiative.

Media Release

Eden Mills takes major new steps towards carbon neutrality with Trillium Grant and Wellington-Waterloo Futures Loan

Eden Mills, November 22, 2011…

The Eden Mills Millpond Conservation Association and Eden Mills Community and District Club are proud to announce that they have been awarded an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant in the amount of $120,000, and a $50,000 incentive loan from the Wellington-Waterloo Community Futures Development Corporation.

This important support for Eden Mills Going Carbon Neutral’s next major projects will contribute to the significant reduction in the Community Hall’s carbon footprint, the installation of sustainable-energy-producing solar panels, and improve accessibility.  The Going Carbon Neutral project operates under the umbrella of the Millpond Association, and in association with the Community Club.

Following the village’s “Going Carbon Neutral” Launch in 2007, a comprehensive energy audit of the Hall was undertaken.  This professional service was donated by resident and award-winning engineer Richard Lay and his company, Enermodal Engineering based in Kitchener. The report not only described the 80-year-old Hall’s air leaks, energy-use excesses and outdated systems, it also recommended and prioritized the changes necessary to reduce the carbon footprint of the building by defining and sealing the building envelope, by insulating the ceiling and walls, and by investing in new, sustainable energy sources.

These combined reductions in energy use would sufficiently reduce operating costs to keep the Hall operational as fuel costs continue to rise over the next decades.  In fact, if all the changes were implemented, they would reduce the Hall’s carbon footprint by 90%.  Without these changes and subsequent financial savings, the future of the Hall, managed and funded through community volunteer and fund-raising activities and rentals, would be in doubt.

This report was the basis for the Millpond Association’s submission to the Trillium Foundation. The funding awarded will begin by reducing energy use through the retro-fit, starting with insulating the walls and ceiling, and replacing the old windows.

The plans addressing the replacement of fossil fuel energy include the installation of solar panels under Ontario’s microFIT Program.  The Wellington-Waterloo Community Futures Development Corporation is generously supporting this initiative with the loan of $50,000 under very practical terms.  The 5 kW PV panels will produce enough energy to cover the purchase and installation costs over the first 10 years and to provide operating income over the second 10 years, based on the rates guaranteed in the 20-year contract with the Ontario Power Authority.

For more information, visit the Eden Mills Going Carbon Neutral website.

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