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Gore’s Climate Reality Project – A Hit or Miss?

No 279 Posted by fw, September 18, 2011

Climate guru Joe Romm of Think Progress (formerly Climate Progress) invited his readers to share their thoughts on Al Gore’s 24-hour around-the-world Climate Reality extravaganza in a post titled: Gore’s Climate Reality Finale — What Do You Think? Of the 48 respondents, 46 gave Al’s project thumbs up.

Here Joe’s Sept 17 post which includes an embedded link to Al’s finale in prime time on Sept. 15. Click here to view recorded versions of all 24 broadcasts —

I’m interested in your thoughts on Gore’s final presentation in “24 Hours of Reality.”  For those who missed it, click here to view it.

I do think it is important to judge this as a communications effort aimed at three groups — activists, those who already are concerned about global warming and the plausibly persuadable — the audience I aim for, but obviously a broader slice of the public than Climate Progress reaches.

The “24 hour long event had 8.6 million views,” writes Maggie L. Fox, President & CEO of the Climate Reality Project, which I would count as success.  Fox has more to say that is worth reading, including, “important actions you can take today.” [Too bad Maggie does not define what counts as a “view”. See below for details of my total count of 30,516 “live views”, whatever those are].

I am incredibly proud that so many people around the world participated, but it’s also important to remember the individual actions it represents. There are countless stories of impressive grassroots mobilization. A company in Tel Aviv hosted a watch party at their headquarters. A group of graduate students in Athens, Georgia rented out a popular local movie theater. People across the world joined hands to say: Climate change is real, it’s happening now and the time to act is now.

But this is just the beginning. There are important actions you can take today:

  • Request a presentation. There are more than 3,000 trained Climate Presenters around the globe. Organize an event and invite a Presenter to come to your community.
  • Go local: Team up with our partners around the world and help solve the climate crisis. Visit our website to find a partner organization near you.
  • Moving Planet: On Sept 24, hit the streets with for a global day of action. Find an activity near you.
  • Check our comprehensive video library to watch highlights from 24 Hours of Reality.

It is up to you to continue to stand up for reality and share the truth about the climate crisis. We will succeed because we must.

What do you think?  As with your great comments on the overall telecast — and I’ll make sure Gore and his team see what you have to say. 48 comments (46 thumbs up)


The Guardian newspaper weighed in with a less enthusiastic review of Gore’s project. Reporter Leo Hickman begins his Sept. 15 piece, this way:

Death by Powerpoint. I have suffered this torture too many times over the years. We all probably have. So I was a little nervous this morning logging into Climate Reality – Al Gore’s 24-hour global-warming warning – as to what I might discover. And, I have to say, my heart immediately sank.”

To read the complete article, which includes access to 393 readers’ comments, click on the title, which probably gives away Hickman’s verdict — Is Al Gore now a help or hindrance to the global warming cause?

Could it be that climate change fatigue is setting in for the general viewing public as well as for citizen activists?


Here’s my count of the number of “live views” for each of the 24 broadcast locations, which totaled 30,516.

Hour    Location          Live views
1         Mexico City         5,094
2         Boulder               3,073
3         Victoria, BC        1,457
4         Kotzebue               560
5         Fr Polynesia       1,122
6         Hawaii                 1,286
7         Tonga                    596
8         Auckland                903
9         Solomon Is            527
10        Canberra              819
11        Seoul                    373
12        Beijing                  518
13        Jakarta                 489
14        New Delhi            668
15        Islamabad           428
16        Dubai                   659
17        Istanbul                566
18        Durban                 396
19        London             1,483
20        Husavik                476
21        Cape Verde        605
22        Ilulissat                199
23        Rio de Janeiro    343
24        New York          7,876
TOTAL        30,516

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