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Learning opportunity for high school students interested in climate change — offered by York University

No 269 Posted by fw, September 5, 2011

Climate Change, Youth, and Jobs Institute: What will your future look like? York University, Fall 2011

About York’s Climate Change, Youth, and Jobs Institute

The Climate Change, Youth, and Jobs Institute is a part of the W3 research project that is specifically designed for high school students to engage them in the issues surrounding climate change and work, and to invite them to participate in creating solutions. Students will learn about how climate change affects the world of work while developing critical thinking skills and have the opportunity to dialogue directly with a variety of stakeholders. (NOTE — Registration Deadline: September 30, 2011)

Opportunities for high school students –

    • Participate in workshops over four weeks designed by York University professors
    • Network and learn collaboratively with up to 30 youth around the Greater Toronto Area
    • Become familiar with a course in a University setting
    • Develop valuable skills in critical thinking
    • Discuss issues with a variety of stakeholders and community leaders
    • Achieve a Certificate of Participation from the W3 Program at York University
    • Numbers of participants are limited, but the institute is free of charge to students who are accepted. Some meals provided.

Ideal Candidates are –

    • In their last year of high school and applying to any post-secondary program in 2012 or 2013
    • Interested in climate change and how it will impact the future of work
    • Looking to engage in solutions to climate change in a university setting
    • Involved in their community through volunteer initiatives

Other Requirements –

    • Must be willing and able to attend all 6 sessions (see list of sessions below)
    • Must be nominated by a teacher who will provide a reference upon request by the Institute
    • Must have average to above average literacy skills
    • Must submit a letter of 300 words or less, telling why you would be a good candidate to participate in the Institute.  Include your interests, courses you have taken that discuss climate change, and volunteer experience.  Please submit this completed form and letter by email or mail no later than deadline of Friday September 30 to W3 office at:
      • Attention: Coordinator, Work in a Warming World
      • Institute for Research and Innovation in Sustainability (IRIS)
      • York University, 335 York Lanes
      • 4700 Keele Street, Tonto, ON M3J 1P3
      • 416-736-2100 ext. 44106
      • Email:

Schedule of Instructional Units —

  • Saturday October 22, 2011 — Unit 1: Climate Science 9:30 am – 12:00 pm // Unit 2: Impacts of Climate Change 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm
  • Thursday October 27, 2011 — Unit 3: Impact of Climate Change on Work and Workplaces 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
  • Thursday November 3, 2011 — Unit 4: How Societies Adapt to Climate Change in the Workplace 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
  • Thursday November 10, 2011 — Unit 5: Debating Climate Change and the Future of Work 4:00 pm -7:00 pm
  • Saturday November 12, 2011 — Unit 6: Interactive Roundtable with Policy Makers, Politicians, Environmental NGO’s, and Activists 9:30 am – 12:00 pm (NOTE: The Interactive Roundtable is open to the public and will be followed by a certificate ceremony).
  • Location: York University – Room Locations To Be Announced

Registration Deadline: September 30, 2011

More Information here —

 About Work in a Warming World (W3)

Research Program —

W3 is a 7-year research program clustering a number of projects and grants. It is a research partnership among academics and community partners to bring work back into Canadian focus in the struggle to slow global warming. The cluster of W3 projects bridge two solitudes: between environmental and labour market organisations, and between academic and practitioner research. W3 brings together more than 50 organisations and researchers in 10 universities and 4 countries. W3 presently groups three research projects, each with a number of sub-projects.

  • To learn more about What do we know? What do we need to know? a Knowledge Synthesis Project funded by NSERC, CIHR and SSHRC, click here.
  • To learn more about Work in a Warming World: adapting Canadian work and employment to the challenge of climate change,  a 5 year Community-University Research Alliance funded by SSHRC and partner organisations, click here.

Rationale —

W3 is a collaborative research initiative with the purpose of better understanding the present and potential role of employment and work organization in Canada’s transition to a low-carbon economy, and to develop strategies for adapting employment to the warming world.

Global warming is of near-universal concern, but its impact on jobs and work has been strangely absent from policy and social science research. Nor, in Canada, has it been high on the agenda of business or government. However, climate change affects work and employment in every region of the world, and Canada is no exception. It is already changing how we work, what we produce and where we produce it. It shifts employment within and between countries, regions and communities, and dislocates people and industries and futures. New occupations and professions are springing up across Canada, and the possibility of new ways of working are emerging.  Education and training are challenged to widen their green focus. The puzzle is this: work—the production of goods, services and ideas – is a major producer of greenhouse gas emissions. It is also, potentially, a powerful actor in reducing emissions. How can the Canadian work world engage more effectively in reducing Canada`s carbon footprint?

Goals of W3

  • To factor the work world into Canadian climate policy
  • To engage community partners active in the work world and the environmental community;
  • To increase the number of highly qualified personnel trained to develop a ‘green turn’ in Canadian industry, services and professions;
  • To turn research on the impact of global warming into practical solution

To learn more about Canada’s Work World and the Challenge of Climate Change: Engaging the Community, funded by SSHRC and partner organisations, click here.

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