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Ontario Tory leader Tim Hudak silent on $10 billion gap in platform budget. What more would he hide from us if elected?

No 289 Posted by fw, September 29, 2011 What would Canadians do without the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) to help keep us responsibly informed? Although a Windsor Star … Continue reading

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Gutsy “Occupy Wall Street” protesters vow to remain until demands are met

No 288 Posted by fw, September 28, 2011 They may be small in number but they’re huge in heart and determination. The gutsy “Occupy Wall Street” gang have certainly won … Continue reading

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Abbas’ bid for statehood exposes UN’s powerlessness and creates opening for young Palestinian leaders

No 287 Posted by fw, September 26, 2011 “. . . we are entering a new phase of the conflict in which the US, Europe, and the UN will have … Continue reading

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Adventure in courage: Ontario citizens determined to stop proposed US-backed quarry project in Dufferin County

No 286 Posted by fw, September 25 2011 Further to my July 16, 2011 post, Ontario citizens fight US-backed billion dollar quarry project in Dufferin County, has come through again … Continue reading

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William Rees: We need a mass social movement but time is not on our side

No 285 Posted by fw, September 22, 2011 “So unfortunately we seem to be stuck between having to recognize that new information isn’t the way to get people to move, and having … Continue reading

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How to communicate climate change to a bored public experiencing “climate fatigue”

No 284 Posted by fw, September 22, 2011 “People have become a bit bored at hearing about climate change all the time; yet another climate story and the world hasn’t … Continue reading

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Bernie Glassman: On living a life that matters

No 283 Posted by fw, September 21, 2011 “The course of social action grows naturally out of the course of spirituality and livelihood. Once we begin to take care of … Continue reading

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New Activist Toolkit hosted by

No 282 Posted by fw, September 20, 2011 “Our wiki-style Toolkit aims to be a space for activist collaboration. Home to a wealth of encyclopedic resources, the content is organized … Continue reading

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Ontario Conservatives way behind Liberals and NDP in promoting clean energy policies

No 281 Posted by fw, September 20, 2011 “Each party has plans in its platform to keep our lights on and build transportation infrastructure,” says Cherise Burda, director of Ontario … Continue reading

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Small turnout for “OccupyWallStreet” protest may not auger well for major upcoming protests

No 280 Posted by fw, September 19, 2011 Despite a positive spin to his report’s title, Nathan Schneider’s account of the weekend events can’t disguise the dark cloud hanging over … Continue reading

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Gore’s Climate Reality Project – A Hit or Miss?

No 279 Posted by fw, September 18, 2011 Climate guru Joe Romm of Think Progress (formerly Climate Progress) invited his readers to share their thoughts on Al Gore’s 24-hour around-the-world … Continue reading

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Al Jazeera provides North Americans with a Middle East perspective rarely found in our mainstream media

No 278 Posted by fw, September 17, 2011 “As a state not recognized by many countries, including its neighbours, Israel has transformed its existential trauma into a source of political motivation instead of trying … Continue reading

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Hamilton’s Climate Change Action Charter — Collaborative City-Citizen effort

No 276 Posted by fw, September 15, 2011 The content of this post was drawn from the Hamilton Information Report: Hamilton Climate Change Action Charter, September 12, 2011. The purpose … Continue reading

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Climate Action Network: “It’s time to stand up for clean energy in Ontario”

No 275 Posted by fw, September 14, 2011 Under the banner Clean Energy Ontario, Climate Action Network (CAN) has released a challenge and accompanying grassroots toolkit for Ontarians. But first … Continue reading

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Hamilton city gov’t taking action on climate change with help from citizen action groups

No 274 Posted by fw, September 14, 2011 Citizen action groups will find the following report on Hamilton’s climate change action program a rich source of information and inspiration. Don’t … Continue reading

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Building a Social Movement: What can the African-American Civil Rights Movement teach us? Pt 1: Birth pains

No 273 Posted by fw, September 11, 2011 There’s much talk these days – particularly from the left — about the need to build “a social movement”. Different groups espouse … Continue reading

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Activist Victory — Canada’s Environment Minister reverses position on Maxim Power plant

No 272 Posted by fw, September 9, 2011 This afternoon I received the following “Good News” email from Matthew on behalf of the team — Dear Frank, Some amazing … Continue reading

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Best advice for climate activists from a climate campaign coordinator

No 271 Posted by fw, September 9, 2011 “Show your political leaders that you are ready to move away from fossil fuels and that there’s strong support for a transition … Continue reading

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August 5, 1981 — The day America’s middle class died —Michael Moore

No 270 Posted by fw, September 6, 2011 “On August 5, 1981, President Ronald Reagan fired every member of the air traffic controllers union (PATCO) who’d defied his order to … Continue reading

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