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Rave reviews for “The Young Activist’s Guide to Building a Green Movement”

No 266 Posted by fw, August 29, 2011 Annie Leonard, director of the Story of Stuff said this about the Activist’s Guide — “Every day I get hundreds of emails … Continue reading

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We’ll camp out in DC and disrupt things until we see change in political policy says

No 265 Posted by fw, August 28, 2011 “We’re going to go to Freedom Plaza in Washington DC . . . and we’re going to occupy it beginning October 6. … Continue reading

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Come to Ottawa – Sept 26 – Protest rally to oppose the tar sands – Come to Ottawa

No 264 Posted by fw, August 27, 2011 If you are interested and willing to show up, speak up and act up in an anti-tar-sands rally in Ottawa on September … Continue reading

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Bad news for pipeline protesters today – State Dept study finds “no significant environmental impact”

No 263 Posted by fw, August 26, 2011 “Today, the U.S. State Department released its Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. The State Department’s finding that … Continue reading

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Hamilton climate activists plan 150 km Carbon Cycle for Sept 24 global day of action

No 262 Posted by fw, August 26, 2011 “The latter [Hamilton 350 Committee] are the organizers of Saturday’s “ride for food security” around the aerotropolis, and a “Carbon Cycle” next month that … Continue reading

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LEAD NOW is asking you to gather for a “Turning Point”

No 261 Posted by fw, August 26, 2011 Yesterday I received the following email from Jamie Biggar of Lead Now with this invitation – “We need your help. We’re writing … Continue reading

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Why are all these assaults on the global ecosystem happening? It’s the economy, stupid.

No 260 Posted by fw, August 25, 2011 In a recent interview, Fred Magdoff, professor emeritus of plant and soil science at the University of Vermont, alleges – “The big … Continue reading

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Global financial system at risk: Caused by economic power in handful of banks + flash trading

No 259 Posted by fw, August 23, 2011 Small stock market investors beware! Notice how much more volatile the stock markets are now? We’ve moved from investing to trading. So … Continue reading

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Contract for the American Dream

No 258 Posted Aug 23 2011 Following up on my post of July 3, 2011, Van Jones launches “Rebuild the Dream” organization to counter Tea Party, in which the dynamic Mr Jones … Continue reading

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Watch new “Tar Sands Action” video & support “Stop the Pipeline” action in Washington

No 257 Posted by fw, August 21, 2011 A new moving and informative video, Tar Sands Action, has been created by filmmaker Josh Fox, creator of Gasland. Josh joins a growing … Continue reading

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“Stop the Pipeline” Washington protest is urgent call to build mass climate justice movement

No 256 Posted by fw August 21, 2011 “Those hoping to halt runaway global warming could not sooner start promoting this crucial lesson: the most important lifestyle change to save … Continue reading

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European bailout: A classic example of human folly destined to fail says John Gray

No 255 Posted by fw, August 20, 2011 To err is human. To err in the face of losing all we care for is human folly. “We humans will do … Continue reading

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Global economic forecast dire, no viable pushback from the left

No 254 Posted by fw, August 19, 2011 “I think we’re in a moment where the forces of austerity have gained the upper hand. . . . with the debt … Continue reading

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Did Wisconsin state Democratic party blow workers’ recall campaign?

No 253 Posted by fw, August 18, 2011 “In retrospect, perhaps funneling all of that time, money and energy into the recalls was a mistake. The Democratic Party can certainly … Continue reading

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“Undocumented and Unafraid”: Defiant Fanny Martinez speaks out against Secure Communities

No 252 Posted by fw, August 18, 2011 “The statement was to make it very clear that we are angry, that we are tired of having programs such as Secure … Continue reading

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Verizon workers battle corporate greed. Signs of what’s to come.

No 251 Posted by fw, August 18, 2011 “But ask yourself: Why would so many workers risk their livelihood in the midst of a stubborn recession, with more than 9 … Continue reading

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Gov Rick Perry on global warming. This is one scary dude!

No 250 Posted by fw, August 18, 2011 My re-post of a recent provocative Grist article captured this passage by the inimitable David Roberts — “For my part, when I see people denying … Continue reading

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Financial institutions planning to use crisis to privatize and monopolize public assets

No 249 Posted by fw, August 17, 2011 “I think the most pernicious thing that’s happening in America right now is that you see large financial institutions and investment funds … Continue reading

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Greenpeace USA updates its damning 2010 expose of the Koch brothers’ destructive agenda

No 248 Posted by fw, August 16, 2011 Greenpeace News Release April 14, 2011 – One year ago, not many knew the name Koch Industries, a publicity-averse private company run … Continue reading

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