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Canada’s hip hop Sweatshop Union point the finger at — “Us”

No 210 Posted by fw, July 2, 2011

Before viewing a video of their song Us, take a minute to read this Wikipedia intro to the “politically-minded” Canadian hip hop group, Sweatshop Union. The lyrics follow the video.

Sweatshop Union is a Canadian hip hop collective formed in 2000 when four politically-minded rap acts—Dirty CircusPigeon HoleKyprios and Innocent Bystander —came together “to create a powerful, distinctive voice”, and to produce their first album, which was published in 2001.

Known for an inventive and socially-conscious sound, Sweatshop Union’s music focuses on being “honest”—commenting on issues ranging from the war in Iraq, the plight of the poor and working-class, to the negativity and misogyny of mainstream hip-hop. Speaking for the group, Mos Eisley put it as:

[T]o me, politics aren’t a choice you make; they’re just a way of life. […] In that sense, I am trying to be more positive than political, because I’m already political to begin with… I think that, at the same time as there’s a lot of money being put into hip hop that could be deemed negative or misogynistic or self-destructive, by the same token there’s a lot of guys who are coming up trying to be positive and rebel against that, [and] putting their careers on the line.

Sweatshop Union’s Us — the video

Sweatshop Union’s Us — the lyrics

The whole world’s a sweatshop, a fascist regime/
With billions of parts working as a massive machine/
The goal, keep the masses passive between/
Self, cash, limousines and other fabulous things/
But, we gotta wake up and notice it’s a load of shit/
It’s all about ownership of your soul and who’s controllin’ it/
It’s not about the gold you get, not about the clothes you’re in/
It’s not about oil, but we’re killing each other over it/
Like a Doberman, chomping on a cat/
It’s a new world order, and they’re bombin on Iraq/
And it’s so fucking heartless, the whole country’s starved/
And yet they’ve been targeted as a threat regardless/
This all started in days prior to ours/
They arrived from the stars, and survived in the dark/
Now it’s time for the hearts of men/
To march against it/
And realize that the cycle starts and ends with…

Us, we’re the ones that paid for the bombs/
Us, we built the planes that they’re on/
Us, it’s insane all of the ways they conned us/
But we can change it today, it’s just all on/
Us, we’re the ones that paid for the bombs/
Us, we built the planes that they’re on/
Us, it’s insane all the ways we’ve been conned/
Into killing millions of innocent people, but it’s all on…

Trust me friends, it could never just be us, or just be them/
Sometimes I think it just depends, it’s just pretend/
You can never trust the trends/
Don’t rub your eyes, I’d rather you’d adjust the lens/
Look up to them? Tell me, who the fuck are they?
When did they ever give a damn about what you say?
For what you stand? That’s why you gotta trust me man/
Trust a Bush? That’s like saying trust Sadam,/
But for real, I mean you gotta love the fam/
Ask his dad the ex-prez how many drugs he ran/
So trust us, the shit’s about to flood the land/
Cause government hands can no longer plug the dam/
So fuck the news, fuck the critics, fuck their views/
And if you sit and let it happen then fuck you too/
It’s up to you, I can’t tell you what to do/
But touch the truth, and don’t just judge the few/
But judge…


But it’s all on Us/Us/Us


Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists

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